SNOG for anyone?

SNOG for anyone?

My first real experience at the frozen yoghurt company SNOG was yesterday (apart from when I was about 18 and decided it would be fun to go up to the local counter in a shopping mall and ask for lots of tasters, with no actual intention of buying anything!).

I had definitely seen all the adds for the company-they were either considered cool and posted all over teenage girls walls or made people feel really quite uncomfortable, with slogans such as ‘fancy a SNOG?’ etc. 

With their bright colours and funky in store decorations-they certainly made a first impression. I did wonder how big their electricity bill was. I mean if I had a million lights all over the ceiling in different colours I would be very worried that the amount of sales of Yoghurt would not come close to the monthly electricity bill! Still… it looked good. The only bit of the design I did not understand was the large and wide table that apparently seats only ghomes. Either that or they got the size of the chairs completely wrong-if you sit on one of the entirely white mushroom stall looking chairs, you have to reach down to put the yoghurt on the table. Was the furniture the wrong size? or were they trying hard to be cool and failing miserably. Put it this way you could not exactly sit down and enjoy the yoghurt-yet this did not seem to bother the 30 or so school kids all sitting on the table, chairs and on top of each other (clearly their target audience). 

I went to the front of the queue and a very bubbly (almost bordering on annoying) girl came up and asked if I had been to SNOG before. This is the trap-if you say yes then they will keep talking to you and being annoying- if you say no then they will stop talking and the situation becomes really awkward. Before I know it I had already said yes-SHIT!-she must’ve talked forever. I only had an hour lunch and what I thought was going to be a quick ‘pop in pop out’ turned into a full blown get-to-know you session involving me and american yoghurt. I eventually managed to order-a classic sized, normal flavoured, oreo biscuits and brownie pieces. I was tempted to ask about the other toppings- but I was so talked out by this point I decided it was not a good idea.

As I wait for my cold yoghurt I stand next to a young girl. She must only have been about 14 with all her mates sat behind her. You have that awkward moment where you look to the side and by mistake lock eyes, but you know that if you open your mouth than you are going to have to enter into a conversation. Nowadays if you talk/look at any young person without knowing them you could expect to be picked up by the police within about 15 mins and charged-having done nothing. With this in mind I decided the safest option was to lock my eyes forward and DO NOT TURN! I must have looked like a freak because she said something to her friend and they started giggling-how did I know they were giggling about me? Well I think the feeling of their eyes boaring into my head was all I needed. 

I finally get handed my SNOG and a classic is NOT a classic. Classic states a normal sized portion..What I got handed looked like a bucket..definitely big enough to build a sandcastle. Whilst I was holding my bucket, the girl next door gets handed a tiny pot. I was confused-I thought I had ordered the small one. This obviously came across as the little girl started laughing at my expression and the girl behind the counter was prompted to ask ‘is there something wrong?’. I quickly turn around and smile before walking out.

Whilst trying to balance this large bucket of frozen yoghurt and still managing to keep the toppings on top, I finally get back to work and sit down to enjoy. 

The moment the melted yoghurt touches your lips it is so light, melts immediately, the sour and sweet taste of the yoghurt is so pleasant- you do not want the taste to end, the crunchiness of the Oreo complimented the chewy chocolatey browny. What a yoghurt!… and LOW CALORIES?

Despite my initial first experience, this was a very good product. I am not surprised it is taking a while for people to catch on especially working professionals because the title is clever but screams young teenager. The atmosphere again is very young and does not allow for any kind of ‘sit down and enjoy experience’. The yoghurt, on the other hand, is superb-a little pricey but well worth it! 

Ratings for the product FIVE STARS

Ratings for the experience THREE STARS



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