Hypnotised by Derren Brown!

Hypnotised by Derren Brown

I have never been one for believing in magic and psychics, I think that is why Derren Brown appeals to me. He does not pretend to be anything. He says all the time and during the evening performance that he is not anything special it is all power of suggestion and manipulation. While you think you are making your own choices-you are actually being heavily influenced by him and the surroundings (lighting, controlled settings etc). With all of this in mind, he completely dominates the audience.

I bought cheap tickets for me and the boy to go and see Derren in his performance ‘Infamous’ at the theatre down the road from where I work. We were in the cheapest seats and so far up in the gods that Derren was little more than a spec on the stage. How was he going to make this work? One man with a theatre packed full of 2000 spectators all willing him to fail.

He blew our minds!

Sitting so high up it is easy to feel like you are not as important as the people who have paid a fortune for their tickets and are sitting near the stage in the stalls. Derren completely changed this. He included everyone, by getting people down from the balcony by throwing frisbys at the upper circle and above.

I must admit I did think before last night that he used actors in order to convince the audience of his power. However it could not have been more random. The frisbee assured that it was not fixed-it could have landed on anyone. Even if he had fixed that, then what I am about to tell you is proof that he does not cheat….

Sceptical and unimpressionable I spent most of the beginning of the performance not convinced. It was 20 mins in and he got everyone to stand up. He then told us to squeeze really tight-tensing everything up: I did what he said.

My eyes were closed and suddenly I could not move. If I tried to move my hand, my body just started to squeeze tighter. Not in control I was beginning to get more and more frightened by the minute. Even my eyes would not open-no matter how hard I tried.

This was nothing compared to what happened next…

Suddenly he said something-I can’t remember what..and I keep trying so hard to remember exactly the phrase or word, whatever it was I suddenly felt my head and my muscles relax. It was like I had been blown up into a pressurised ball and then the air was let go and I was totally relaxed. My legs shivering but in a relaxed way. My head just kept falling but it was like I was falling onto a really comfortable cushion. I was in such a deep sleep and yet I could hear everything that Darren was saying. In that moment I was the only one there-noone else was around me. I could feel myself breathing so heavily and falling into a deeper and deeper sleep every second.

It felt like 2 secs and I was waking up. I looked around me and I was the only one standing in the balcony and had thousands of faces looking at me. Immediately aware of them I tried to sit down but my legs felt like jelly. Carefully I placed myself but kept rubbing my eyes and trying to figure out what had just happened. It was the weirdest sensation. In that moment after I felt like I had been asleep for ages-I felt like I should be going to work-I was so relaxed. I had gone from being tense and stressed from the day of work I had had to being totally free of thought and inhibition, I even found myself snuggling up to my boyfriend more than usual and acting really childish-I may have tried to lick his face at one point?!

This was the first time that anything like this had happened to me. I did not think that I had the ability to be controlled and yet there I was totally entranced.

He was brilliant, but I am deliberately not going to tell you anything that happened last night because I do not want to spoil it. I know that it was filmed and they have quite a few more nights to go on the tour so it would be unfair of me to deprive you from what I think is his best show yet!




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