The Nipple Effect!

The Nipple Effect

What is the Nipple Effect?

There is something that happens to women all over the world, it results in them following each other sub-consciously-it is like a Ripple Effect accept it mainly happens to women-therefore I have named it the NIPPLE EFFECT.

For example: When a mexican wave is started, everyone starts to join in. They do not need to know that they are about to take part in a Mexican Wave. They watch it begin and instinctively take part when it arrives at them. In general this is known as a ripple effect amongst people.

Yet a Nipple effect is something just between women for example:

A 25 year old working professional is adamant that she will not get married until she is 28-30. She has been with her boyfriend for 1 yr and a half (not that long-long term wise). Suddenly she finds out that her friend is engaged, she is very happy for her mate but she feels a little funny about something. She ignores it. A few weeks later another friend gets engaged. By the end of the month five of her close friends are engaged. She feels left out, she starts to think that maybe she was wrong, maybe this is the time she should be getting engaged….NIPPLE EFFECT! (Due to how much influence the Nipple Effect has on a girl-this can cause trouble in her relationship tempting her to ask ‘where is this heading?’)

Now lets take a look at one of the people who got engaged: 

A 25 year old who has been in a relationship for just over 6 years. She is not concerned with marriage just yet, she believes that when they are both ready it will happen. Her close friend gets engaged-they were only together for two years. She suddenly thinks ‘Maybe I should be engaged, I mean it’s been six years?’ so she says to the boyfriend ‘I feel like we are not moving forward, we should be engaged and getting married, otherwise I don’t know where this is heading’. He then buys a temp ring and proposes (it is not a surprise, she knows about it!) because he does not want to lose her. She is engaged….NIPPLE EFFECT! (Because her friend who had been dating for 2 years got engaged, she automatically felt pressurised that her relationship should have been moving forward causing her to follow and assure herself and everyone around her that her relationship is just as serious)

Now for the Nipple Effect repercussion on the single friend:

A 25 year old who has been single for just under a year. She is not seeing anyone or talking to any potential guys. She is perfectly content, a bit lonely at times. Her close friend gets engaged. She starts to panic, is that the stage they were at? People were getting married? Should she be with her life partner right now? She starts to worry that she is behind in life and that if she wants to get married she needs to find the one she wants to spend her life with NOW. This leads to uncharacteristic behaviour such as uber flirting, texting men she already knows, to see if there was potential that she had missed out on etc….NIPPLE EFFECT!

This is the same with a whole range of situations, but is occasionally the explanation for when a lot of friends get engaged all at the same time, subconsciously they are being driven to act in the same way, either because they crave the feeling and attention that their friend is getting or because they feel that they are also at that time in their life. All it takes is one extravagant gesture to cause everyone to doubt their own path. 

It can be something as simple as well:

Being sat at a table in a restaurant with a large group of people and one of them orders alcohol. If one more person agrees to alcohol the chances are that quite a few people at the table will have alcohol. On the other hand if one person orders alcohol and the next few do not, then the majority of the table will say no, either because they feel self conscious or because they are doing it sub-consciously. Obviously this is different depending on the type of person you are and the situation.


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