Wimbledon UPDATE: Andy Won!

Wimbledon: Andy Won

The subject of the weekend was all based around the WIMBLEDON FINALS!

Having worked at Wimbledon as a manager for 3 years this was my second year where I did not have to work, I could for once watch…? Ok so I admit I have always liked to say that I watch sport…that is if watching sport meant watching the beginning 5 mins and then putting a film on before catching the last 5 mins. I know… cop out! In typical ‘me’ fashion I watched the first 5 mins of Andy Murrays match before putting on a film and then caught the last 5 mins just in time to see him win.

The worst bit? I then pretend I watched the whole match! 

I have always been interested in sports, but never been over excited at the prospect of spending hours watching the same thing happen over and over again. I mean come on..I think most would agree that it would be a more exciting game if the time was cut in half…or maybe this is just my view…either way I watch enough of it to say that I know who won without having to check the news online! HA! 

So Andy won! Wow! I did not see that coming…or did I? Well it was not exactly a big surprise, I think we would have completely lost faith in Mr Murray if he had been knocked out, especially after Nadal and Federer were both eliminated early. It almost seems like it was set up.

Now of course you cannot cheat wimbledon..but acknowledge the truth for 1 second..Federer has won Wimbledon five times and Nadal has won it twice, but this year they both went out relatively early in the competition, leaving the path clear for Murray until the final when he would meet Djokovic. Andy has not only beaten Nadal but also Federer a few times, so to not make it through to the final with his two biggest rivals out, would have been a slap in the face not only for the fans but for Andy himself. 

I will be honest I would have preferred to have seen Andy beat Federer or Nadal. Djokovic has only won the tournament once, but to play someone who has won it quite a few times and to come out on t0p would have been a lot more exciting.

Andy played a good game, however it seemed like his rival had no chance. Can you imagine trying to play the game of the year and having the crowds making so much noise that you can hardly hear yourself speak let alone think. The benefit for Andy was that the crowds were all on his side and so they were cheering him on. Djokovic had to make do with booing and even random ‘I love you Andy’ shouts throughout the game. The umpire eventually made an announcement to keep the noise down, but of course no-one took any notice. 

Dont get me wrong I love the fact that Murray won, but I must admit I wanted to see a five setter go well into the late afternoon, a real win not a 3 set match where the other player had no chance! The consolation to this however is that it is the first time that Andy has won Wimbledon and therefore the excitement was more based around the fact that it was the first English player to win in 77 years than the actual game itself! 

Although attention was firmly fixed on Andy throughout the game, the real winner this year is his girlfriend Kim Sears. Who would have thought way back in 2011 when we first laid eyes properly on the girlfriend of Andy Murray, that she would be as well known as she is now! She really is the Queen of the Court, with a rather dull fasion sense and a personality that is so country-bumpkin you expect her to be riding a horse and wearing tweed jackets every day. Although people who were waiting for a romantic Wimbledon proposal would have been sadly let down-however he did go into the stands to give her a kiss which made all the girls hearts skip a beat! 



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