Does it really give you wings?

Working at my job you are expected to be on top form and energised every minute of the day. From the moment I step through the door to the moment I leave I am constantly smiling, bubbly and ‘on form’. As I am sure all of you know, it is not the easiest thing in the world to be very awake at 8am in the morning. By no means do I achieve this day after day-I am not a super-human, there are some people I see who seem to have this early morning fresh face down to a ‘T’-I am not one of them. 

I wake up at 7am, run into the shower, drag myself out, get changed quick without even thinking about what I am wearing and usually regretting the choice of clothes the moment I leave the front door. As I get to work about 45 mins later I am on my knees! No make up, pillow indents in my cheeks, eyes half closed and a frown that says ‘do not talk to me-or I will kill you’.

I am NOT a morning person.

In about 10 mins I have to put on my face of make-up and wake the hell up. So how do I wake myself up? Well up til now I leant on coffee-I had always prided myself on not really drinking the poison, but since joining the job it really has been a necessary. Yet I do not want to have yellow teeth and coffee stains. So I tried energy drinks, not the most healthy thing to have every morning and more fattening then you could ever imagine! 

This brings me to yesterday….Monday Morning! I look like death and feeling it, not at all ready to begin the week! As if they heard my thoughts suddenly two girls in Red Bull T-shirts walk in carrying large bags on their backs. They look at me with a slight frown to say ‘Wow you look awful’. Feeling sorry for me they take out a can of Lime Flavoured Red Bull and open it. ‘You need this’ one of the girls kindly said to me. Unsure of whether to take this as a compliment or an insult I accepted with no second thought on the matter.

One sip. The blend of the typical red bull flavour mixed with a hint of lime cordial is a little odd at first. However by the second sip you start to get used to it. Quite tangy but not overly sour. It works well. The actual main flavour of a red bull really stands out and tends to linger in your mouth-a sugary syrupy sensation. However this is very refreshing. 

They start to offer me different flavours. Well aware of how dangerous it would be to drink three cans of red bull within the space of an hour I decline to have the full drink but I do try the flavours. 

The Cranberry is lovely. It doesn’t really taste of red bull at all. Instead of having just a hint of flavour it is full to the brim with cranberry juice. Definitely a favourite. 

The Blueberry does the same however it was a little too sugary for me. I am not a big fan of blueberries in general so I assumed that I would hate the actual drink. To my surprise it actually tasted really nice. Not as good as the cranberry but then I think I was destined to prefer the Cranberry flavour-as I am a big fan of Cranberry juice! 

Did it work?

Yes, kind of. I definitely felt a little more awake and a little bit more focused but not in the way I needed to be. I was expecting to be flying, however I found that I became better at concentrating and not more awake. To be honest I do not think energy drinks are all they are cracked up to be. At the end of the day a coffee would have been more effective.

It was definitely  nice to have a change to my daily morning routine!

THREE stars!



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