This is the End: Review!

This Is The End

Pitched as a ‘horror comedy’, this film is the latest instalment of Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. Bringing together a huge all-star cast all playing themselves. Definitely a very interesting concept, to see beloved celebrities playing the ‘real’ them! 

Jay Baruchel (the lesser known of the whole group) comes to LA to stay with Seth Rogan. In typical Seth Rogan fasion they embark on a weed fest before making their way to James Franco’s house warming. Once there the party begins with celebs like Rhianna (who smacks Michael Cera round the face), Emma Watson (who plays the English innocent) and Michael Cera (who embarks on a crack binge) all making an appearance.

Seth and Jay get away from the house to go and buy some cigarettes when suddenly there is a large crash and blue beamed lights suck the people in the store up into the clouds. Having witnessed this Jay and Seth run back to the house only to find people being swallowed into a flaming pit. Seth and Jay trap themselves in James Franco’s house. This is where they are joined by the only other survivors (or so they believe) fellow actors and celebs: Jonah Hill (fat guy from Superbad), James Franco (son of baddy in Spiderman and fellow weed partner of Seth in Pineapple Express), Craig Robinson (Token Black guy), Danny McBride (always plays slightly weird characters). For the majority of the film this team remain together, exploring idiotic ways of trying to survive. 

The film is very funny exploring the end of the world and what would happen during the aplocaplypse if everything went by what the Bible states: flaming demon eating people and blue lights taking people up to heaven, if they do something unselfish. 

The bunch of actors already have a connection having been in a numerous amount of comedies together, so we can be assured that they bounce off of one another easily adding to the pace of the film.

Seth Rogan plays the loveable fat guy who is petrified of people trying to rub their private parts against his ‘fat tits’. His friendship with Jay is explored, and shows that through fame, true relationships can disappear, and the people you think are your friends turn out to be the ones you cannot trust.

Honestly I do not find the character of Jay works, he seems to be stoned throughout the film, with the same tone of voice constantly. When he speaks you sometimes find yourself nodding off, perhaps this is what the character is meant to bring to the film?

Jonah Hill plays a hilarious representation of himself as a really overly nice- bordering on very gay- actor who believes everyone is his best friend. This brings with it hilarious scenes of him trying to back up other people, especially Jay. With an earing that sticks out like a sore thumb, it becomes more obvious by the end of the film that he is definitely gay (imagines that he has sex with the demon). After this happens he suddenly turns into the Devil and goes from being the overly nice guy to the bad guy!

Craig Robinson is brilliant as the over sensitive, yet over burly black guy, who seems to find a reason to cry in every movie that he does. The best thing is that it never gets old, if anything it gets funnier every time he does it. 

Danny McBride always plays the crazy person and this film is no exception. He rattles the group completely and before he gets voted out of the house by the majority, he manages to use up a lot of the food making a cooked breakfast and drinking all the booze and water they have to survive. Although the character is widely exaggertated he makes for an interesting dynamic to the group- causing chaos. 

To be honest at first I was a little hesitant about this film, especially as it was being released at the same time as the new installment of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s film ‘At Worlds End’. Already the two were being confused!

It surprised me, pleasantly. It is definitely what they call ‘stoner’ comedy. You do not have to have a brain to enjoy it, you just sit back and relax and laughter ensues. Especially when you have a scene where five guys all discuss who gets to rape Emma Watson first. To get this type of comedy right is hard, but to do it to an extent where you have the audience bent double from laughing so much is very impressive, and this is exactly what this film acheived. Of course it is not believable. If you want to go and see a factually correct film- this is not for you. In the same way if you are somebody who hates swearing or rude jokes of any kind- then this film is really not for you, in fact anything these comedians do is deifnitely not for you! 

Like anything that is based on the end of the world you have to take it with a pinch of salt, especially the end scene….I will not spoil it…. but I went from watching a comedy to a high school musical movie within seconds. Delete that last scene, and this movie is definitely one of the best comedies I have seen in a while.




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