Celebrities Previous Jobs!

Celebrities Previous Jobs!

Everyone has had to work at some point, apart from the really rich who can afford to do nothing. That means that the celebrities that we love and adore have all had jobs before acting, some funnier than others.

Could you imagine being served by a young Jennifer Aniston?

Have you been served by a celebrity and then only a few years afterwards realised when they became Famous?

See if some of these previous Celebrities jobs ring any bells:

Megan Fox used to dress up as a Banana in order to promote the Smoothie Shop she worked for.


Whoopi Goldberg was a phone sex operator and mortuary beautician (yes that means she did the make up for dead people).


Mick Jagger was a porter at a Mental Hospital.


Matthew McConaughy cleaned up Chicken coops to make money.


Hugh Jackman was a party clown.


Brad Pitt was a Chicken Shop Mascot and a Limo Driver for strippers.


Rod Stewart was a Grave Digger.


Mariah Carey was a Hat Checker.


Sean Connery used to be a milkman whilst living in Scotland.


Madonna worked in Dunkin’ Donuts in Times Square.


Steve Carrel was a cashier at a 24 hr convenience store.


Johnny Depp sold pens over the phone.


Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ used to wash dishes at a Hawaii Pizza place.


David Letterman was a stock boy at Atlas Grocery Store.


Vince Vaughan was a lifeguard at a YMCA but got fired.


George Clooney sold Ladies shoes at a Department Store.

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Diane Cruger delivered your morning Newspapers.


Amy Adams was a Hooters Waitress.


Jennifer Aniston was a bike messenger, a waitress and a tele-marketer.


Michael Douglas was a Gas Station Attendant.


Julia Roberts used to sell Ice Cream when she worked for Baskin Robins.


Tom Cruise wanted to be a priest and went to a seminary.


Rachel McAdams worked at McDonalds.


Tom Hanks was a popcorn and peanuts vendor.


Robin Williams used to work the streets as a mime.


Do any of these jobs match up with what you have done? It certainly gives all those budding actresses and actors out there a bit of hope that someday-no matter what job you are partaking in-you will get your chance to shine. If these people can do all the jobs written above and make it into fame and fortune..then so can you!


2 thoughts on “Celebrities Previous Jobs!

  1. This is fun! I like being reminded that these people that are rich and famous beyond measure are just people and had to start somewhere–like writing blog posts to Oprah! HA! Thanks for the pingback.

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