The Apprentice Boobs WON!

The Apprentice Boobs WON!

‘The Butcher won over the Baker’ (Daily Mail)

I have actually really enjoyed this series of The Apprentice. I am not sure whether it was because of the bunch of people or whether it was because I have religiously made my self sit and watch it at 9pm ever wednesday. One thing I noted earlier in one of my posts was that this year the contestants seem to be getting much more fake. All the girls have got larger boobs and a lot of make up and the men are either hilarious to look at or fit and business like..I feel like I am watching Big Brother’s version of The Apprentice. 

There is no doubt that these contestants have certainly been picked carefully for the entertainment factor. Alex and his incredibly stretched Dracula face, and of course Leah ‘my hair is more voluminous than the others’.

Was it really such a surprise that a girl won? I mean come on Alan Sugar has always had a thing for pretty girls being in the final.

For the last task the two girls had to launch their business ideas:

Luisa designed and created her baking business to sell to wholesalers. However she came under fire for not indulging in a wide variety of customers. When pitching a wholesale business you have to be appealable to everyone, men and women. It is pretty obvious that nowadays the main chefs that we come across are men, so why would you go ahead and create a baking business all in bright pink? Instead of wholesale it looked like a fluffy idea for a cupcake shop. Buying cakes from the pinkified baking business ‘the baking toolkit’ maybe, but actually approaching it as a wholesale-firstly I do not even think you would know it was a wholesale if it was not for the tag line underneath. Secondly she seemed to know so much about the business and constantly going on about her own shop of cupcakes…that surely she would want the product to sell as well as possible and therefore make it appeable to everyone and not just the female sex!?

Leah came up with the medically influenced cosmetic surgery idea. As lord Sugar had stated for the past 3 weeks, he did not see how it was going to work and not cause any problems. The whole area surrounding cosmetic surgery is very grey, with things going wrong all the time. Yes it is extremely wealthy but also very dangerous. You could make millions in a few years and then all because of one surgery  going wrong you could end up losing it all. Whilst acting like a grade A pain in the neck through out the final and ordering all her fellow contestants around as if they were pets of hers, she had already conceived the idea of NIKS for the business name. A memeber of the public than quickly pointed out that it sounded like a shaving cut, as soon as she realised just how awful the sounding of the name was, she quickly changed her pronunciation to N.I.K.S!

Is it just me or do the final contestants always manage to put on these amazing displays, with cool lighting and decorated halls…where does all this money come from? Throughout the series, apart from the treats that Lord Sugar sends them on if they win (which I am pretty sure they do not pay for-because any company would love the free advertisement) the contestants make do with small budgets and awful set ups in the lower ends of London…so why does the production company/Alan Sugar suddenly inject a load of money into the final? If it is just to make it look good then surely we should spend more time in the presentation as it seems a lot to do and spend on merely 5 minutes of facial expressions and shoddy presentations. 

Honestly I did not want either of the girls to win, I found Leah incredibly hard to read, she seemed to have not an inch of charm about her, and Luisa has the most annoying voice in the world, plus both think they are beautiful in every way. I hate to say it but I was a Neil Clough supporter and horribly let down by his awful idea. 

The final was good and had all the right tension and drama that the apprentice should have. The shocker was that Leah won, as it seemed that throughout the final board meeting Alan Sugar was very much on her side. When he suddenly turned around and mentioned that he likes risks at the age of 66, then you knew what was coming. I must admit the programme after the final was much more interesting. It is always fascinating to watch comedians and chat show hosts take the mick out of the contestants, and this time they had so much more to rip apart. From the constant celebratory slapping Jordan exacted on people every time he won a task, to the constant eye brow lifts of Alex and eventually the utter break down Alan Sugar went through when he had to fire Neil… I found myself roaring with laughter at the TV. 

There is no doubt about it the, sex appeal had been amped up for this years Apprentice. Irregardless of just how farcical the contestants were becoming, the one thing that rings true is that the Apprentice is not getting old. Even after so many series it is still attracting a large audience. Unlike the X Factor this series is not drying up! 



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