Easy Bake Lasagne

Easy Bake Lasagne

So following on from my ‘Easy’ cooking recipes I decided to make Lasagne. When you search for a recipe to make Lasagne it always comes with chopping onions etc. I do not have time to sit around chopping vegetables and waiting for a dish to cook for over an hour. I  need something quick and easy. All people who work I am sure would agree that sometimes you cannot be bothered to wait around.

So how can you get normal meals but ready in mins?

If you have already read some of my other meals, so far I have shown you how to make easy style chicken thai curry and some stirf fry noodles. Why not try a good ol home favourite that just so happens to be the boyfriends favourite?! (brownie points galore) 

First off..I do not have all the money in the world to buy different ingredients! So I am going to show you how  to make your favourites and get them in a matter of minutes but for a cheap price.

First off you need to head down to tescos/sainsburys and purchase the following:

Lasgane Pasta Sheets 50p-£1

Dolmio Tomato Sauce £1-£2 (depends where you shop)

Dolmio White Sauce £1-£2

Cheese (totally dependant on how cheesey you want to make it-this is just for the top!)

500g Minced Meat (any kind will do) £2-£4 (depends on shop bought from as well as type of meat)

So easy to make first of all pour a dash of olive oil into a pan and bring to simmer. Add the meat and start browning it. Should only take a couple of mins on the hob, wait til it is all brown. Then add the tomato sauce and make sure all of the meat is covered. 

Next get a large dish (preferably deep rather than wide and thin). Add a layer of meat and sauce (only a quarter) and make sure it covers the bottom of the dish. Then lie a bed of Lasagne Pasta Sheets over the top. On top of the uncooked pasta sheets add a layer of white sauce. Keep repeating for as many layers as you can. The more layers the better it will taste. When you have run out make sure you end with the white sauce. 

Over the white sauce sprinkle cheese. 

Then put it into the oven at gas mark 4 and leave for 30 minutes. 


Home Made Lasagne that will keep in the fridge for just over four days 🙂 Plenty for a large family or just one person over a few days!! 




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