Royal Baby!

Royal Baby Boy IS HERE!

So yesterday, as I am sure you are all aware, England welcomed the new third in line to the throne.

The media had been camped outside for approximately 2 weeks and I am sure, without showers and a lack of food, they looked incredibly grimy…what a lovely welcome party for the future king!

One reporter (who gets paid to take photos that will end up in newspapers) decided to be gracious and not take a photo of Kate Middlemiss arriving at the hospital in labour!!! (I am sorry but if you make your money out of taking pictures of celebrities-a gracious view towards their private lives does not really exist! I believe this guy did not see her, otherwise I have no doubt he would have taken full advantage-especially considering that he would have been paid a fortune for that one photo!) 

The baby is a Boy, interesting as Kate had let it out that she wanted a boy a few weeks ago. She also went out shopping and purchased a BLUE buggy…..anyone thinking what I am? Perhaps the cat was let out of the bag early? 

The best bit about this whole process is she went into hospital at 6am in the morning. The media went wild, from 6am-8pm, news channels all taking bets on when the baby would arrive. Twitter and Facebook making comments on how long the labour is. They even had doctors being interviewed live on air worrying about the length of the labour and whether there were problems. Little did we all know that the baby had already been born at 4.30pm. They managed to keep the birth a secret for 4 whole hours-a record for such a big event. 

The real question that should be asked is WHAT IS ALL THE FUSS??? 

The royals nowadays have very little power. In the past they had a lot of influence over the public, and they ruled as if they were the government and the Law. However now that we are a democratic country, the majority of the decisions depend on the government and the primeminister. All the queen really does is carry out public engagements (wave her hand at people) and sign papers given to her by the prime minister. 

So what difference does a new king in line to the throne make? Well the truth is not much. Obviously the fact that we still have a royal family is great for the public. It gives them something to look up to and feel important and proud about. If suddenly the government fell apart and we decended  into War then the royal family might gain a little more power.

I am inclined to believe that the royal family benefit off of our taxes and do nothing. It was not until the princes joined the airforce and the army that we started to see them actually work to achieve something.

I am not a big fan of the royals, I do not hate them at all, I just do not really understand them. However I do see why people love them. Especially Kate, she seemed a particularly good Diana like choice-lets just hope Prince William treats his wife better than his father treated his mother. 

Having said all this I thoroughly believe that Kate and Wills will make a good Royalist couple for the public to believe in. The modern fairytale for people to look up to…I hope!



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