So after a horrific illness I am back and instead of go on about how bad I felt whilst lying in bed- I am going to do the opposite-although I felt awful I actually managed to get two whole days off of work to watch TV!!!!! Get In!!! Yes the television programmes might have been ‘awful daytime crap’, but I am not complaining- I got to sleep when I wanted and not worry about meeting deadlines-it was bliss!! 

Anyway, where to begin…well firstly WELCOME BABY KING GEORGE!

I must say I am slightly let down by the name-it seems a little same-old, I was hoping for KING ORANGE or something along those lines, but I guess what comes with Royalty is tradition and it must be obeyed. So George, the seventh George to be potential king has officially arrived and been seen by the media-finally they can go home and shower! 


Google has released CHROMECAST to rival Roku and AppleTv. At the amazing price of just under 30 quid it is a bargain, but what do you actually get? Well technically Chromecast is for Tv’s that are not Smart-TVs. You will have to have a HDMI port-but most tv’s have this. Input the small USB style smart application into the hdmi port and you now have a smart tv for the price of £20. Clever idea, but it gets better, instead of needing another control instead your ipad/iphone etc works as the control! Brilliant! Crap for people who do not have any of those devices!

I plan on getting one as soon as I know whether my tv has a hdmi port-I have a funny feeling it does not! :-S 


TRAGIC NEWS-80 people have died out of 160 in a horrific train crash in Spain. The driver had been going at 130mph in a 50mph zone-what the hell was he thinking??? My thoughts are with these people at this horrible time..


However instead of ending on a tragic note, how about a quirky one? 

May I introduce you to MINI MONET:

Kieran Williamson is the latest child prodigy to arrive in England. He is ten years old and still at primary school, but instead of doing what normal primary school children would be doing, he is painting the most AMAZING pictures remniscent of Monet. His watercolours are selling for £35, 000 and he has already knocked up 1.5million. So why are art collectors lining up in a queue to get his paintings? Would it make a difference if this was a man aged 40years old, unfortunately I think it would. The novelty of it being a ten year old boy is what sells them. If he was an older man then he would probably struggle like all amazing painters. However good on him!! It is such a talent to have so why not get as much money as you can from it?



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