So after 1 Week and 1/2 I am BAAACK!!!

Apologies fellow bloggers or readers for being away for so long, in all honesty life got a little to much and I needed a large reminder as to why you should treasure each day as it comes-trust me I am not going to preach to you-I famously have never really listened to infamous phrases that should make life better. However I have spent a week and a half with my parents and never treasured their company more, for the first time I listened to them accepting that they just might have the edge on life experience. 

So this blog is just going to inform you a little of my life and what I have learnt:

I have a brother and he is a recently graduated musical theatre actor from Central School of Speech and Drama. He is the complete opposite of a typical Musical Theatre highly camped actor-instead he looks like he has just walked off the set of some hollywood movie-or at least that is what people tell me all the time. All I know is that he has the most amazing voice in the world. Yes I am his big sister and yes I am biased, but I also tell the truth no matter how harsh it is-this boy can sing and he is blessed with a rocky pure voice that can belt high notes at the top of his range. He is doing very well and is with Lee Morgan a fantastic agent who seems to be getting him all the right auditions. Within three weeks of being out of drama school he has already been seen for the leads in Mamma Mia the UK tour, Miss Saigon the London Original, and From Here to Eternity the London Original and the feedback from top end producers has been AMAZING! I know that he is going to succeed, but I also know that he is the one person in the world who deserves to be at the top of the ladder. He lives in a different world due to something he was born with, but instead of letting it stop him he accepted it and not only that but is open about it. I have never met someone able to talk about this difficulty as well as him, and everyone has a huge amount of respect for him and what he has been through. 

He did not let life stop him. He is always going to have more difficulties than anyone else and yet he is being seen for the same lead roles as “normal” people!!! He is a fighter and a true inspiration! 

I have a sister who is the complete opposite of me, she is a goody twoshoes who went to St Pauls Girls and drives me insane with her constant correcting of grammer or subjects. Yet she is the only person in my family who has the biggest brain and still pulls off “cool”. She was always popular and never doubted herself. She never had to deal with relationships goong wrong because she has her head firmly screwed on and knows whats important in her life, needless to say this attracts guys and she always has millions after her. She is in Cambodia at the moment. Instead of most students blowing off steam during the summer she is out in the world running activity groups for highly disadvantaged children and she loves it. She is also at Oxford University studying Engineering and the best artist I have ever met. She has the world at her feet and will always succeed in whatever she does. However what really makes my sister stand out is her immense heart! She will drop anything to make sure the people closest to her in her life are ok. Always thinking of others she will rule this world and everyone will be able to see how great she is! 

My dad is an actor, he is well known for what he has been in on television and gets recognised all the time. He is very talented and has gone so far in life by fighting. He went from severe poverty to a well known actor and his family could not believe their eyes. Yet with fame comes the cost of losing it. You can go from the highest paid actor, incredibly well known to nothing. My dad works every day to bring up this family in the best way possible, there is nothing he cannot achieve. He is a brilliant writer as well who is bound to get his plays published soon. My dad is my true inspiration because do not think for a moment that being famous is easy at all. My dad has been through a lot and he has come out the other end more successful then ever. 

My mum is the kindest most incredible person in the world. Everyone loves her. She has heart of gold and cares more about others than the world put together. She is a producer and a ver successful one. She gave her job to take full care of my brother and she bought up one of the most amazing young boys with a talent to be fought with. Beautiful and the most rational person I know she is the rock that sticks this family together. 

So why am I spending my first blog back telling you about my amazing family. Well the last two weeks have been tough and I could not have got through them without my backbone-My Family. 

So enough of this…I AM BACK…bring on the world!!!!!!!!! 

I hope you are all safe and happy 🙂



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