Good Luck A-Level Students!!!

It’s that day!!! All the results got released this morning and all those praying students are lining up to get the envelope of doom!!! Possibly the most horrible day of the year when you find out if that university place that you worked so hard for is yours or whether you are going to have to take a gap year and waste a lot of money “exploring” the world!! 

I remember it so well, about six years ago, I was standing in front of a computer, pressing refresh on the page over and over again. Then I got the shock of my life… I had not done badly, but I had not done well! No surprise, seeing as my idea of working was creating a beautifully decorated revision plan and listening to the radio full blast whilst highlighting a few paragraphs and forgetting them the next day. I do not think I worked properly once! So it was no surprise that I did not get any of my uni places. 

I was miserable. 

However they had created a rather ‘new’ (at that time) system called “Clearing”. It saved my life-not only did it save me from the constant disapointing looks from my mum and lectures about the future-or lack there of- from my dad. Instead I got to scroll through all the Universities until I found my choice-University of Kent- and then I could find the degree that I wanted. 

I suppose I was also in an advantageous position due to the fact that I had effectively secured a scholarship-now obviously due to my grades I did not get the scholarship, but it did mean I got a phone call from the head of the department at Kent saying that they still wanted me but I would have to do a joint honours instead of a single subject. 

Now being a little mouthy and a teenager going through extreme hormones I answered back that I would decide what to do and I also wanted the best accomodation to make up for the loss of the scholarship. I got what I wanted! I also got a bursary on top which was luxury! 

Don’t be afraid to fight for what you want!!

Don’t be upset when you do not get the grades you want because I got news for you, I have not used my degree once!!! I do work in the music industry so that is partially why-they are much more lenient on grades. 

All the advice I can give is do not worry and make the most of clearing-it did me a whole lot of good!!! 






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