The Curse of Social Media

The Curse of Social Media

Have you ever been in a really bad mood and felt really miserable. You log on to Facebook routinely to check your profile and suddenly you see all these updates that just make you want to scream??? For Example:

You have recently been dumped and your feeling pretty miserable. You know you should probably stay away from Facebook but you make an excuse..just to check something. The first post you come across is someone you have not spoken to since Uni ‘(such and such) is feeling extremely happy and in love (enter sickeningly disgusting photo which is just not needed publicly- keep it for your phone or computer)!’ Automatically, if you have actually managed to stay calm and not smash the computer against the nearest wall or delete that person forever blocking all future posts, you are sitting there and feeling worse than you were before logging on!

Obviously there are plenty of other negatives to Social Media, such as the emphasis of the Status of Doom.

Are they single? Are they not? Am I single? Has he changed our status? Are we official? Are we not? aaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Of course the increased amount of stalkers in the world…don’t deny this right now, we have all done it, gone on facebook….been really bored and just gone on to the current/ex boyfriends page to see “what they are up to”…We have all done it once, twice, millions of times!

However in my mind nothing gets worse than the cursed status update!!!

There are those people who change the update every two seconds! It is not twitter…if it was twitter even then I do not want to know when you are eating least of all what you are eating! They drive me insane…..probably because I have done it before and I think I got to a point where I was annoying myself.

Then you have the opposites the people who are on facebook but have had no activity since 2009. Do they want you to think they are dead? Are they deliberately not getting rid of their Facebook?

All of the above fits in with the curse of the social network, but again nothing is worse than that ironic status that always pops up out of the blue. That status that you wish you would not see, but know is bound to be there. It always seems to know exactly when you are at your weakest.

Another example is when people air their happy fortune on facebook.

Now there is something lovely about hundreds of people wishing you happy birthday! But what happens when you have that one person that does not receive any best wishes? It certainly points out who has more friends, but it just seems a really cruel way to make someone feel like crap. 

How about the Facebook Event???

I am going to be brutally honest. I have only ever arranged three birthday parties via facebook. One I invited everyone to and I had 30 people attending and got over 30 turn downs on the actual day! I ended up going out with my then boyfriends friends and feeling horrific.

The next event was unbelievable..once again no-one said they were coming and I was feeling really down until I turned up and there was all the people that I wanted to see.

The last event and the worst was the exact replica of the first…and to be honest at the age of 24 you really cannot be bothered to arrange a party for people who cannot even be bothered to let you know in advance that they are not coming, instead they send that allusive text early in the morning. Fair enough if they are ill or just can’t come..but when you wake up to about 15 text messages all saying the same thing, it gets a little conspicuous…maybe there was a flu epidemic on the day of my birthday…it sure seemed like that.

The Facebook event has made me so frightened of no-one turning up that I have sworn to never create another one (this will not last) but I have decided a table with all my best friends sat around me is all I need.

With all this in mind all I can say is- don’t give in to the bug of social networks. They are there ultimately for communication and keeping in touch with people you might not necessarily be able to contact on a regular basis. Try not to let it become a factor in your life that controls your emotions…step away…because trust me when I say:

By the time you get to your mid-20s, your real friends are only countable on one hand, two if your lucky! (My mum had said this to me so many times but it took me a good five years to actually acknowledge the truth!!)



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