Hindsight (An angel and A devil)

Hindsight (Both an Angel and a Devil)

Hindsight is both a blessing and a nightmare at the same time.

The definition:

Hindsight: understanding the nature of an event after it has happened.

Have you ever made a decision in life that you immediately regretted?

Perhaps you have done something which you realised several months afterwards was the worst decision to make?

Have you ever looked at someone else’s decision and made notes on how you might do it differently?

It is always interesting when you take a moment to look back at some of the decisions you have made in life and think about how they affected you positively and negatively.There are so many things I would change if I had the chance.

I am one of those people who tries to live life and not regret anything, but it is a very hard concept when the thing that you regret is staring at you in the face. Most of the decisions that I have made in the past year have been because of someone else. I am the worse person to look out for me. I make decisions to make other people’s lives easier. I am my own worse enemy! 

The problem with hind-sight is that it is both a gift and a let down. 

I have recently been looking at what is happening around me,-acknowledging certain situations surrounding other people and thinking to myself what I might do differently if I was in their position. In that way hind-sight is a really great thing to have, as it prevents you from making the same mistakes as the people around you. I know that when I get engaged or married I will explain to everyone I know what is going on. I will make sure people know whether they are invited and if not why not (whether it is due to money etc). I will not go behind people’s backs as I believe that is rude. Yet it seems to me that people in that situation at the moment are blinded to anyone around them and are not thinking about how their actions might affect others.

I keep swearing to myself that I will be different but if/when I get into the same position will I do what I saw in hindsight or will I commit the same mistakes? 

I believe that you learn from any decision that you make, for example: I will not hesitate to move out so fast in the future, next time I move house I will take my time and assess the situation to the best of my ability.

Yes of course we are all going to make mistakes or hasty decisions-as that is a key part of life-and like we all know ‘life is unfair’. 

There is nothing bad about looking back into your past and assessing certain events that you might do differently. As long as you are able to maintain the ability to acknowledge that you are in the present and you cannot change what has already happened. There is no point in being upset about it as that is not going to get you any where, instead acknowledge, accept and note what you might change the next time you find yourself in a similar situation. 

I find myself constantly having to do damage control on situations, but one thing that I have learnt over the last few weeks is that I cannot live my life looking after other people all the time, sometimes I need to pay attention to myself. It is an amazing thing to have, the ability to care for others, but when it starts to cause you pain and stress than you need to turn to you. I have taken the choice to change things in order to make my life easier and better. Yes it might cause others to question a difference in me but as long as I am not mean to the people around me then the change is positive. 

I will definitely think before I do something for somebody else. Too often have I suffered the consequences of making rushed decisions, and now it is time that I try and make the RIGHT decisions that will benefit me and others in the long run- even if it means not jumping as many hurdles in the present.

Taking care of yourself is a very unique ability, most people confuse it for being selfish and putting yourself before others..this is not the case. To take care of yourself means looking after number one. Making sure you are happy but not at the expense of other people. There are many ways that people find happiness, some through physical classes like yoga and others through healthy eating. It is the small things that can change how to you behave in life. 

“Put others before yourself -but not to the extent where it starts to hurt you”

(To find the middle of these two is very difficult and takes a lot of thought and constant acknowledgement of your surroundings, but the moment you do find the right harmony the better your life will be)



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