The Wrath of the 1D Fans!

The Wrath of the 1D Fans

If you work in the music business than I am sure you are very used to fans turning up everywhere and anywhere you go. Right now outside my window at work I can see the entire of Leicester Square covered in 1 Direction Fans who have all been there since last night, mainly between the ages of 11-18. Baring in mind that they have been in the square outside in London (cold, rainy and lots of drunks) overnight. They have probably endured people throwing abuse or physical objects at them for the last 10 hours and they are still waiting in the crowds, just so they can see the 1 Direction boys for 5 mins. The band are not going to remember who they are let alone want to know who they are. The best they can hope for is a quick blurry photo taken with one of the boys or a quick signing on a piece of paper-it will not be personal to them at all, but to these types of fans this is all they could ever want. 

Now I have seen them all, from Beliebers to Little Monsters. However the worst are the fans of the boybands.

You have the immature fans that make posters with cut out magazine pictures pasted all over a large piece of card and bubble writing saying ‘We Love You’.

Then you have the ‘Crazies’. These are the ones that will more than likely tattoo the signature of their favourite band on any part of their body. They travel from miles away and stay for night after night just to make sure that they get at the front of the cue. They will cry, grab and scratch just so they can say they have touched their idols. Definitely the worse type of fan, and trust me you do not want to get involved as they tend to destroy and take advantage of everything and anything to get to where they want. 

Miley Cyrus was so scared of her fans she hid behind a white pillar in reception for half an hour to avoid talking to them, this is because they are so obsessed they actually try to hurt her just so they can say they have touched her. 

The Wanted receive letters all the time from fans threatening to commit suicide if they do not reply or follow them back on twitter. 

This is not the worse that I have ever seen. Working where I work you get to see the beginning of a fans obsession right through to when they get arrested for being a stalker. It happens all the time. A high profile celeb will start working and at the beginning they will receive flowers or chocolates from their ‘fan’. This then leads to weird packages or threatening letters accusing them of not responding to the gifts they have been sent. However it gets to a point sometimes where these people will become convinced that they know their idol and are friends/family of theirs. By using this they manage to get closer. These are ones that will break into the houses and properties ignorant of any police that might be waiting to arrest them. 

The 1 Direction fans tend to be pretty harmless, although you do wonder where their parents are and what they think they are doing, because I know that if i had a daughter in the middle of London sleeping on the ground surrounded by drunks I would not be very happy. Plus school never seems to be a problem as they will willingly skip just to meet some person that they think is worth risking their education or reputation. 

Sometimes you feel bad for these kids that are so blurred by their infatuation that they will risk their health and safety just to get a glimpse of some kid that got lucky and can sing. I had a moment last year where right near Christmas in the snow they had the Twilight Premier of the last film of the series. There were at least 200 young fans all sleeping in Leicester Square for 2 days. I ended up taking them coffee and tea to keep them warm about 8 times and even then they looked so cold miserable. 

A lot of you, if you live in London, will have seen the programmme called ‘Crazy about One Direction’ on Channel 4. Where they followed superfans of the band who turn up and wait for their idols outside their houses. Little do they know that there are other people who live in those houses such as family who are scared for their life when these potentially weird fans turn up. Yet instead of being taught by parents or the law that tunring up and waiting at someones house without an invite is potential stalking and can result in a restraining order, they do whatever they can to catch a glimpse of that person. Do they ever consider what a restraining order and criminal record could do to their future career prospects when they finally grow out of their obsession? 

They talk about ‘shipping’ which is when a fan makes up a fictional relationship between two of the band members, normally a sexually explicit relationship shown through pictures or videos made by fans (perhaps they find solace in the idea that making their idol gay for someone else in the band, gives them an explanation as to why they are choosing not to be with them). From this to suicidal threats on social media if the boys do not follow them back you get to see the real insanity that goes through these young girl’s heads. 

Named in the programme as ‘A New Breed of Fan’ which I can tell you now is absolutely wrong. You think this is unique, you should have seen how fans used to react around Paul McCartney and Elvis!! 

Merely an obsession that most teeenagers will out-grow they will turn around when they are older and laugh at how absurd they were. However some fans never grow out of it and this is when you have mums turning up and making the excuse that their daughter is a massive fan (which is always slightly awkward when the mum is the one that is screaming at her idol and the daughter is sitting somewhere far away watching and waiting.) 

All I can say to those obsessive fans out there is beware the influence that these pop stars/film stars can have. If you get too close for comfort they can turn your life into the biggest nightmare of your life. Think about what you are doing or about to do, because trust me you do not want to get on the bad side of the music business and live with the consequences or a badly thought out plan. Trust me a permanent police record, Asbo or restraining order obtained when you are just a teenager for an obsession that is going to wear off, is not something you want to carry around with you for the rest of your life!

Just a little hint-1 Direction are definitely not what you think in real life-take it from someone who knows-they are all typical teenagers with a passion for practical jokes! 



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