The Con of ‘The Look Alike’ Business!

The Con of the ‘Look Alike’ Business

Let me take you back, where I used live with my parents is a small village just outside London. Every year in June we have the Summer Fete (this used to be just for the village and quite fun-now it has turned into a full on fun fair with thousands of people milling around.) Anyway to do his part my Dad used to host the school’s quiz (you would not believe how competitive these youngsters get. Only about 7-8 years old and already fighting to win with their parents whispering/mouthing the answers to them. 

Anyway one year they decided that the winners of the quiz would receive a prize from a celebrity. There was a lot of talk about who the Celebrity would be and then it got revealed as Catherine Zeta Jones. Automatically the crowds were in awe of the fact that such a well known actress would be coming to Barnes let alone giving out little prizes. Needless to say obviously she was a paid lookalike. 

Imagine Catherine Zeta Jones (tall, brunette, beautiful face, amazing figure) and now replace her with the lookalike (very overweight, long black dress, short hair, sunglasses and bright red lipstick). Of course they looked nothing a like and it became more apparent as she refused to take off her glasses. It was the funniest thing I have ever witnessed, these poor kids were having to ask their parents why they got lied to and I was trying not to laugh out loud at the total F up. 

This got me thinking of all the companies out there that advertise Celebrity Lookalikes for a big price and are actually pulling the wool over your eyes and providing you with the worst possible lookalikes you could imagine. I guess it is an expose on companies and what they get away with…tbh I would never hire a lookalike but you would be amazed how many people do for weddings, parties etc. 

So what do you make of the following lookalikes, do they get away with it?

Matt Le Blanc Lookalikes:


Orando Bloom Lookalikes:


Tom Cruise Lookalikes:


Cameron Diaz Look Alikes:


Hugh Grant Look Alike:


Brad Pitt Look Alike:


Julia Roberts Look Alike:


Sarah Jessica Parker Look Alike:


Angelina Jolie Look Alike:


Rob Pattinson Look Alike:


As you can see some of them bare a vague resemblance but most of them do not look anything like the actual person and yet these people earn from £50-150 an hour for their “appearances”. Why do people fall for this? It is so obvious they are not the actual Celebrity so basically you are paying to have a stranger at your party!!


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