The Fall of Big Brother and Reality TV!

The Fall of Big Brother and Reality TV

Who actually watches this? There must be a lot of people still tuning in for the series otherwise I am sure it would have been canned by now. Abotu two years ago there was a massive celebriatiopn for the last eveer season and everyone tuned in because it pormised to be the best. Noext thing you know it moves channel and is suddnely being repeated every two montsh. It hsa only been 3 days since the last bunch of ‘normal’ conteastants left the house and amazingly they have turned the house upside down and moved in a bunch of “celebs”!

The first ever series of Big Brother was actualyl created as a social experiment to see how people would are if they were pout in a ouse all together and told to live there and fend for themselves for a certain amount of time. They took notes on the different personalities and how they co habitated. However by season 2/3 we were already entering into the curse of Reality TV.

The boobs were getting bigger series by series and now we have double DD’s.

Yes the people are entertaining but not in the way that we want them to be. Instead of finding the programme interesting we all tune in merely to laugh at how ridiculous the housemates are. So why do we keep watching?? It’s a good question is it because we all secretly love it and are Big Brother addicts or is it actually because there is nothing else worth watching on tv during the week. Straight after your master chef episode you need a TV programme that you don’t need to think/concentrate on and just fall fast asleep to….enter Big Brother.

I think the german version sounds much more entertaining-family members were asked to reccomend peopel they wanted to set up and put into a make shift village with a bunch of people they did not know. Once the people were chosen instead of approaching them and asking if it was ok, they would go into their houses and kidnap them and put them on the show. Obviously when this was found out and investigated they had to get rid of their type of Big Brother-due to the facts that it was actually illegal to put someone on TV who did not want to be there in the first place.

Instead of getting to know people and watch them interract the audience is now only interested in the things that happen on the show-from having sex under tables to running around outsdie in the nude. Why are we so fascinated by the bad things that happen?? Are we so obsessed with things going wrong that we love watchign people make falls of themselves because it amkes us feel better about how we behave.

So for those of you who do not know already, the ‘celebrity’ (z list at best) housemates that moved in the house are:

cbb_mariofalconePossibly the biggest twat in reality tv to date. He starred as himself in a programme about Essex (The Only Way is Essex) and became famous because of his disgusting behaviour whilst he was in a relationship. Boring and mono toned he makes for the only guy who does not look like the back of a bus.

cbb_abzlove1Abz the ex boyband member-probably being paid a lot of money to appear and almost certainly needs it-most are broke nowadays. Don’t recognise him? Boyband 5 ring a bell? No?


The rowdy girl from Geordie Shore. Known for being outrageous and drunk in pretty much ever episode.

cbb_dustindiamond1Big Nose and severely sharp chin. You will not have a clue who this is….give up? Screech from Saved By The Bell…….what?

cbb_courtneystoddenWatch out for the double DD’s!!! Married a 51 year old actor in Hollywood at 16, she is the epitamy of fakeness and from America. She walks around on High stilettos and has her tits hanging out every opportunity she gets! What a great housemate??!

These two go together as they play an on screen couple in a soap. Which one? Does it matter they are defintiely not what I would consider celebrities!

cbb_carolmcgiffin1_1And introducing…….errr….who? Oh right loose women….what?!


Probably the only one that actually has a name for herself in the states (that is not whore). Sophie is a model (ex-model) and has had a lot of work done-notorious for being a pain in the ass.

cbb_ronatkinson1A football manager…don’t really care? Neither do I.


The gayest person in the world as well as the loudest.


cbb_daniellemarr1_1And again Who?? Celebrity? I think not!


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