Cheap and More or Very Expensive and Less?

Cheap and More or Very Expensive and Less?

So at the moment i am feeling quite Lethargic: it could have something to do with my boss being away, and there being not much to do, so with energy drink by my side and fellow bloggers depending on me, I am sitting down and tying my fingers to the mac book.

One thing I have come across a lot since I started working for the high profile company I am apart of, is the concept of Fashion Labels. Not one boy I asked in this company will admit to wearing Primark, in fact most of them said that they would not be caught dead in it. Whereas most of the girls were insistant that it was a last resort if they needed something cheap and quick.

I myself have never had a problem with Primark, in fact I encourage it. I am not going to buy some flats that will cost me well over 25 pounds for properly made- long lasting ones only for them to get dirty and stink to the point where it becomes unbearable both for me and the people around me. After the initial four months of ‘new shoes’ I am already throwing them in the bin.

So what is wrong with Primark?

Is it actually the store or is it a general fear of other people/yourself judging what you are wearing?

Is it all cheap stores that have the problem?

Now for people who literally are looking for a coloured strap top and loads of knickers, why would you go anywhere other than Primark? Surely spending a couple of quid on a lot of clothes is better than walking into Armani, just so you can get those cotton knickers that will cost you a bomb. Your ass might be comfortable but your conscience will take a battering, when it notices the minus sign on your bank account.

Is it confidence?

I always tell people that my confidence is fake. I used to be a full time actor and therefore you have a certain ability to act your way in situations. However is this me actually giving myself an excuse to be acknowleged as shy as well as confident. If I took a step back and out of my body, would I look at myself and see a really over confident girl that does not want to admit that she can handle social situations better than another person with chronic shyness? Perhaps it is confidencce that means I can walk out of Primark and not care what the person across the street coming out of Armani thinks. Instead I feel proud that I have just saved myself a fortune that I could have lost easily in M & S.

Is it a Female vs Male opinion?

Are females more accustomed to shopping and trying to cut costs, than men?

Because men are known to buy less clothes do they instead prefer the clothes that they do have having a label that they can be proud of?

Is it a status in society?

Yes to a certain extent the woman carrying the Mulberry bag will be immediately thought richer than the girl carrying a bag from River Island. Even though they might look exactly the same it is the indent label on the bag that creates the difference.

For example:

Me and my sister are like chalk and cheese and you can see this by looking in our cupboards.

In mine there are loads of dresses that are pretty but cheap and lots of different coloured jeans with cheap tops that I can mix and Match.

In my younger sisters cupboard there are a few dresses that are all designer, a couple of tops that are all designer and the only shoes she owns are designer. This means that she tends to wear the same thing over and over and just customises it with jewellery. Is this the same with men? Do they open their cupboard to reveal designer suits…or are they happy to admit that the shirts given by their mothers are probably Primark?

One guy I work with actually shuns the idea of any stores cheap. He will never set foot in a H & M because it is just too low in status and yet ironically he complains all the time that he is broke and has a shopping problem. In this particular case he loses out by spending money in expensive stores, but because of his ego, he will not go into the cheap store next to the Armani because he cannot be seen to wear it let alone walk in and out.

Is it more common in men?? Or is it a certain type of person? Or does it entirely come down to confidence?

Up until last year I never once spent a lot of money on make up and yet this year just for the fun of it I tried MAC and loved it. Since then I have never gone back. Yet I still would never go into a designer store, no matter how much money I had, and buy one item costing over £1,000 when I could probably purchase hundreds of clothes in Primark for that same amount of money. 

It is not a bad thing that someone has these preferences, but surely it cannot help with the money situation. The only bonus of buying expensive clothes, in my opinion, is that you know you are getting expensive materials that will be kinder to your skin and will probably last longer. 

What do you think? 



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