A Woman drinking Beer?

A Woman drinking Beer?

So after my previous posts of morbid topics, I thought I might do a little trivial post today. Not everything in life has to be intense, you are allowed to be selfish sometimes and give yourself a break once in a while. Obviously I am not suggesting that you should go out and spend a fortune on yourself, but sometimes it is the little treats than give you a little boost or just a smile in a time of need. 

When I am feeling burnt out from work and at my wits end I normally go home and give myself a hard time for not being able to figure out all the answers still going around in my head. However what I have begun to realise is that it is ok to give yourself a break. Whatever is causing you to stress out, no matter how big or how little it is ok to be selfish as long as it does not hurt the people around you. 

I will paint you a picture..I decided I would treat myself on Monday so texted a mate that I had not seen in ages (you know those mates where they will never turn you down-thank goodness) and arranged to meet at the bar across from work. As I sat there I had already had one beer by the time she arrived. I told myself it was not going to be a late one. Needless to say by 10pm I was very drunk, four beers deep (alright alright definitely a light weight). Not good for a Monday-Appalling! 

If you can handle it then you are better than me, I knew that this was going to affect me all week. It is Wednesday and I am still feeling sluggish! lol….not much a party animal! The worst thing I forgot about the drinks I had rescheduled five times that were happening tonight…I cannot reschedule again….can I? NO! 

Normally my treat would be getting home and eating my favourite meal but I think I am becoming more manly as I now consider that treat to be a nice cold beer in the sun……Obviously within moderation! 


I love a nice cold beer, it is just the right thing to have after a hard day at work 😉



2 thoughts on “A Woman drinking Beer?

  1. I am a bit of a beer snob. I like to try local ales. I have a grudge against big breweries. I will go to beer festivals to find something new. Current favorite US beer: Fat Tire & if I can find it New Glarus Cabin Fever. Favorite Import is still Harp. And yes I am female! : )

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