Manly Drink for a Very Womanly Woman

Manly Drink for a very Womanly Woman

It is becoming more and more repetitive this one situation that I find myself in often. 

So I am standing at the bar after work having a pint or two with my mate Chris. He orders his normal order Southern Comfort and Lemonade and I order my standard pint of Peroni. This is where it always gets awkward, we sit down and the waitress brings over the drinks. She immediately puts the pint in from of Chris and the Sourthern comfort in front of me with a pink straw hanging out of it. 

Now we never really know how to react to this and instead of laughing at her we wait five minutes til she is gone and switch. 

Why do they always assume that the man is drinking the pint? 

Why do they gay up the southern comfort and give it to the woman? 

It’s brilliant and it happens every single time. For some reason this stigma surrounding alcoholic drinks has developed over time to the point where it is now presumed that the spirit mixer is drunk by the woman!! 

So here we are standing outside the pub and drinking our retrospective drinks when we get joined by some fellow colleagues. It takes 5 mins and Chris disappearing to the loo for the questions to start. Are you two together? I almost choked on my drink and had to stop myself from laughing with disgust. After repeating a resounding ‘no-ew’ several times I thought they had got the picture. Only when I disappeared to the loo the same questions were directed to Chris. People never seem to take into account when you say ‘I have a boyfriend’!

Why do people have such a problem with men and women being friends? 

I mean for goodness sake if the guy is gay than there is definitely not going to be a sexual attraction between the two of you.

So why is it ok for girls to have gay male friends and not straight?

Are we that sexually charged that we cannot be friends with a guy without trying to jump on them. 

I fully admit that perhaps it is easier for some people. I am a typical girly girl but like a bit of banter and occasionally I find I cannot do this with some types of women. There is something a bit quicker about male banter. Maybe it is just me, but I like to take the mic and not have to worry that I have insulted somebody, and I tend to find that men get less offended than women-merely because they do not care enough about my opinions. 

Obviously it is probably best to be aware that when you first meet a guy that you get along well with, if you find that you fancy him as well and think that by becoming friends you can secretly get him to like you-it is probably best to think again. 

A common mistake is that often a guy or girl will want to be friends with the other person in order to get closer to them. This is when friendships are based on false pretences and often why people claim you cannot be friends, because the other person will start to have feelings. However if you have an understanding from the start, it is very rare that you will find yourself in a situation where feelings will change. Normally the friendship will become so firmly within the ‘friend’ zone.

Having always had male friends it is difficult because you endure a lot of banter towards your odd male-female friendship ,and often it becomes so much that it influences the two of you to give up any kind of friendly relationship, purely because you cannot handle the constant ‘taking the piss’. 

My personal opinion is that it is absolutely fine to be friends with a guy, as long as no lines are crossed. I like to establish that are friendship is purely friends and that nothing is ever going to happen. If you can both agree to that then you are fine.

Plus a heads up, be aware that during your friendship you are both going to experience having other partners.

Don’t compare the boyfriends to the friend, and Do Not make it difficult for the girlfriend, remember that it is hard to have your boyfriend constantly giving attention and spending time with another girl, especially if they do not think that it is possible to have guys as friends.

Be appreciative of them and back off for a while. You can still have a freindship without constantly spending time with the other person. 

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