What Happened to the Cast from ‘The Hills’?

What Happened to the Cast from ‘The Hills’? 

I remember it so well, whilst I was at school in my last year I got so obsessed with ‘The Hills’ and ‘Laguna Beach’. However after they were both “exposed” as fake (which I am sure anyone with half a brain already knew) the programmes managed to disappear into thin air, partially due to the lack of people they were attracting. Annoying characters like Lauren Conrad who live off of their parents money were starting to grate on people-no wonder!

So Where Are They Now?

Lauren Conrad who you may recognise from The Hills and Laguna Beach is now still in Fashion and trying to mantain some kind of Celebrity status through her biography’s. After releasing a Fashion Line with Kohl she decided to set up her own make up business. She reportedly earned an annual salary on The Hills of $2.5million-making her the highest paid star on the show. Looks wise she has not changed at all as you will see:


Heidi Montag-was the fakest reality star in America at the time. She beat people like Tila Tequila and any Bachelor stars. Her love-hate relationship with Lauren Conrad was one of the main story lines in the series. Until Heidi decided her ‘forever’ was with a guy called Spencer ‘Pratt’ (yep the surname says it all). She managed to find someone who was just as fake as her. The two then became Speidi, constantly breaking up just to get the media to focus on them. They even went over to UK to try and break it on Big Brother-little did they know that no-one watched the programme and therefore they still remained unknown. 

Heidi has had over ten operations in one day including breast implants to nose surgery so she looks just a bit different….but only a bit right?


Audrina Partridge-known only for an on-off relationship with a guy named Justin Bobby (I kid you not). She left the Hills to embark on an Acting Career and managed to play one line extras in several movies but unfortunately the money was not enough, so she decided to go back to Reality TV but this time in her own show-which lasted one season. She also competed on Dancing With The Stars at some point.


Whitney Port-She famously worked alongside Lauren Conrad at TeenVogue in an internship. Then as the seasons progressed she began to become more of a featured role on the Reality Tv Series.  When she left to go to New York to pursue a career in Fashion she was followed by the cameras and so began the reality show The City. However due to really poor ratings that too went down the pan. Whitney judged a season of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model and has left her own line behind for the time being….maybe something to do with money…just a thought? 


Lo Bosworth- The unknowner who was just that bit uglier than the stars. She was rarely actually featured apart from when her and Lauren would get together to bitch about the other characters. She has just released her own blog and a youtube channel. i cannot help but feel a little sorry for her as she is probably the least successful out of all of the people on The Hills, but I am sure mummy and daddy help her! 


Kirstin Cavallari- Known for being the BITCH of Laguna Beach and The Hills. She could not get along with anyone and developed a particular fame for getting with other people’s boyfriends. Again living off the bank of Mum and Dad she joined the series of The Hills to annoy Lauren Conrad. Kristin took over the role of Lauren Conrad eventually before The Hills ended. She is now married to Jay Cutler with a son Camden.



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