The ‘Babysitters’ Club

The ‘Babysitters’ Club

Being 24 and in a full time job where I earn pennies is hard. So earlier in the year when I decided to move out, I was convinced this was a big step and the start of independence. I was wrong. I have had probably the worst year in regards to living situations. 

It is a well known fact publicised in all tabloids at the moment that most 20-30 years olds are having to live at home after Uni, because they do not earn enough money to put deposits down on places to live. The prices of living-renting or buying are rediculous and it makes living life just that little bit harder. 

So first off let me give you a little background to my particular situation. At the beginning of the year, well on Christmas Day actually, my friend told me she was looking to move out of her current living situation as soon as possible and she needed someone to share a flat with. Me being in the right place-ie. sick of being around parents and siblings-said yes why not. I set boundaries however: I wanted to search around for a bit and not move in for a couple of months allowing me to save money. Yet my friend was convinced that she needed a place immediately, so I went along with it. 

We came across a lovely flat just outside London but the rent was a large amount. My friend said that it did not matter about the money and that we could make it work, she also signed her Dad up to be the guarantor of the property.  

We moved in to the flat, and although I struggled, I did enjoy having my independance. This was until my flat mate and friend decided she could not afford it anymore-after 3 months- and moved out-without replacing herself. She then said that I would have to pay both lots of rents until I found someone to replace me. Needless to say I was furious. I said no to paying double the rent but am still paying all of the bills. 

I am broke. She has not been able to find someone to replace her for going on 4 months now. 

To say I could not afford it before meant that it was difficult not to spend like I used to. To say I could not afford it now meant that I could barely afford to pay for food let alone save any money to use towards any kind of future. 

I asked if I could move home, which was met with a resounding no from my mum and dad-who in all fairness thought I had moved out. I had gone from being in the perfect position still living at home and saving to being flat out broke living in a flat that I do not like with an ex flat mate intent on making me more broke.

The last straw was when she started taking her problems out on me. 

The only ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ was to earn more money and try and save with all my heart to put a deposit down on a flat of my own where the rent would be a quarter of what I am paying at the moment. 

My way out was to earn money-so I began the search for jobs that would fit around my current full time position. There were a few options: waitressing, working behind a bar, ushering at a theatre or babysitting. Suddenly all that babysitting I had done when I was a young girl started to make sense. 

I had always been good with kids-my friends call me the ‘baby whisperer’ because whenever I am on public transport all of the babies in the carriage seem to stare at me and smile-I am convinced it is because I have a very overly expressive face!

I was new to area I lived in and I did not known anybody-realistically-that I could ask to babysit for and demand money from. 


I typed in to google search-babysitting jobs-and suddenly all these online social networking sites came up allowing you to advertise your expertise at babysitting kids. Obviously they all demanded money but I figured one £20 pound deposit I should hopefully earn back in just three jobs. 

I was lucky, I came across a lovely family and they lived down the road and they were willing to pay me 10 pounds an hour :O I used to earn half that amount…….get innnn!!!! A dream after work job for more money than I would get anywhere-however knowing my luck the kids will be terrors :p! 

I had just become a member of the fully fledged ‘Babysitters’ Club and I LOVE IT!!!!! 

Bring on the saving :-S 



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