Summer vs Winter?

Summer Vs Winter?

Unfortunately living in London comes with its fair share of trouble, not only do you have to make do with the constant crowds of people everywhere, but also I do not think we have ever had a good few months where the weather has stayed constant. Too often have I looked out of the window and seen the sun shining and then 2 seconds later the rain has poured down-this is very normal. 

Does it come with rainbows? Don’t be ridiculous.

Even as we speak the rain is literally thunder storming down-torrential downpour is an understatement and in a few minutes it will completely disappear.

What also comes with this change of weather is the nasty sick bugs, the ill fated coughs and colds! 

I am not the strongest of human beings and due to an illness a long time ago, I have the most horrible immune system known to man kind-in doctors words I have ‘the immune system of a five year old’ and I am 24…says it all really! So the beginning of Autumn when the temperature drops and the rain begins normally spells the beginning of a few months of constant colds and all sorts of illnesses. 

So why do I still prefer Winter to Summer? 

Well Summer is alright but I cannot stand getting too hot. I would definitely choose being too cold over too hot even if it meant dying from some unknown illness.

But let me paint you the picture in my head:

You get home from a day at work, it is already dark outside, you are cold and wet. You take that first step in doors, turn the lights on, turn the fire on, run a bubble bath. You are totally relaxed, outside may be miserable but you are all warm and cuddled up in your onesie inside watching a feel good movie and eating comfort food. The lights make you feel like you are in you own little safe haven with the fire blaring. You can do whatever you want-toast marshmallows, lie in front of the fire, get your duvet and lie on top of it, there is nothing that could ruin that particular moment. It is the most comforting feeling in the world. 

The only positives of Summer in my opinion is that you are more inclined to go out because it is nice outside and light. However the Winter saves you money by keeping you in and you end up going to bed earlier and drinking less because everyone wants to do the same and cuddle up at home.

The allure of the inside is overwhelming, there is just no feeling like it. 

All the Summer can offer is an occasional warm sun and a bit of green grass to sit on with a beer (which in a few seconds will be warm anyway and taste horrible). Plus if you go on holiday in the Summer than you are not exactly staying around in London to live through those months-you are still escaping to somewhere better.

Whereas in the Winter people tend to go in search of their skis and an even colder climate. 

The only major downside to Winter is the comfort eating vs the frizzy hair. Everyone indulges during the Winter and every time you try to stop you end up doing it even more.

Plus whenever you want to go out and spend ages doing your hair all it takes is one droplet of water for the hair to go from sleek straight to the biggest afro in the world, a complete mess for someone like me. 

It also encourages the EARLY countdown to Christmas.

Only the other day did I find myself in Starbucks drinking a coffee, I suddenly heard the beginning of a rather to over familiar tune…suddenly I realised it was a Christmas song…at the beginning of September!!!!

I thought I had it bad when the radio I work for started playing them at the beginning of October….but SEPTEMBER? I mean come on wait for December, or November at least before you drive people insane. 

I want to enjoy Winter without thinking about Christmas and how broke I am going to be! Instead if we are not hearing songs we instead get bombarded by TV adverts and even if you try to get away from them you can almost guarantee that at least one person if not thousands will have their Facebook/twitter status as ‘100 days til christmas’ WHY???????? 



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