Twerking Miley Cyrus-The Truth!

Twerking Miley Cyrus-The Truth!

Sorry I have been off the radar, but had a lovely few days off work and now feeling revived and refreshed, however I come back to find all this new stuff about Miley and an apparent break down in her relationship.

I am afraid I cannot stay tight lipped over this…it is amazing how many people believe what the tabloids and photographs on social networks say. 

It is a common trait that in the Entertainment business the PR techniques are flawless.

I remember turning up to Elstree Studios for an audition and seeing a load of teenage girls and older parents waiting for their favourite Eastenders character to wish them Happy Birthday. They were carrying Birthday cards and presents for a character in a Soap Opera-not the actress. I remember thinking at the time that this was really odd and researched a little more into it. Apparently it is completely normal. All over the world there are thousands of people who actually think that the people they see of TV or film are real.

Here are a few examples:

  • When an actor stars in a movie as a rapist (or any other character that might be harming to people) it is common for the actor to receive hate mail from people who think that his Character is real. It is a bit like me sending a birthday card to Gandalf!!

Another example…

  • When The Little Mermaid was released by Disney there was a documentary made about a ‘real mermaid’. It was based around a folk tale but because the documentary was so real, people started to believe that Mermaids existed. Suddenly hundreds of people claimed that they had seem the Mermaids and others went a step to far and actually believed that they were mermaids-there is an actual colony is America of people who think they are Mermaids with the tails and everything.

The last example is:

  • The Loch Ness Monster– a long time ago a folk tale about a Monster living in Scotland was passed around from fire place to home. People begun to believe so much in the monster that tons of documentaries and films were released about the potential creature and what it looks like. Next came the fake photographs of the potential monster in the water. Now people travel from all over the place just to try and spot this animal. Even though there is proof that submarines have been under and found nothing.

So why do people actually believe all of this?

Why do people actually believe that somebody supposedly ‘clean cut’ would have a widely publicised break down??

The Power of Suggestion

(Suggestion is the psychological process by which one person guides the thoughts, feelings, or behaviour of another)

This is the most powerful technique in PR. You plant a seed in to someones head and then you can make them believe anything you want-if you are a good PR creator than you can get them to believe anything. Bad PR is when it back fires and no one is interested.

So what has this got to do with Miley Cyrus and her Twerking?

Do you remember Britney Spears and her mysterious hair cut that happened to get caught on camera? FAKE!

Everytime you look in a magazine and you see Katie Holmes pushing her daughter on the swings in the local park? FAKE!

All Publicity Stunts!

Why would Britney Spears go all the way to a hairdressers to get her hair shaved when she has the money to pay for people to do it in her own home. She just so happened to be in the hairdressers getting her hair shaved and in a see through window where the cameras could easily get a picture.

Why would Katie Holmes push her daughter Suri on the swings in the local park when she has got more than enough money to buy her own swing set in her house and back garden. She just so happens to wear a full face of make up and dress in her best ‘Yummy Mummy clothes’. Suri just so happens to be wearing a cute dress and looking very happy on the swings.

It is more obvious than you think, when a star actually suffers a break down. Look at Amanda Bynes all of the things that she did magically appeared on Twitter. If she was actually in trouble she would have people who would take her off the Social Networks but all of a sudden people had gone from thinking Amanda was out of the Lime light to pretty much everyone in the world talking about her.

What we believe is the truth and a public break down is actually known as the ‘refurbishment of a star’.

The easiest way for anybody to understand it is if I put you in the position of the star:

You have been a worldwide success and you are known for your clean cut image that appeals to young girls and teenagers. Recently in the last year your popularity has started to dwindle and not as many people are interested in you any more because newer younger stars have come onto the scene. 

You need to make a decision and so does your management….do you keep going doing what you love in the music industry or do you try to act or do you just cut all your losses and live on the money you have already earned. 

Of course you want to carry on living the dream so your management company makes a deal with you:

They will keep you employed providing you work with their PR company and find a new innovative way to market yourself. This will make more people talk about you and therefore more singles sell. 

So what will make the people talk?

Enter your PR company.

They will take you through every option and how long it will take each of the campaigns to project a new image. Naturally you want this change and success to be as quick as possible. The only way the public will start talking about you asap is if you are seen to do something crazy:

Perhaps cut all your hair off and make sure the press catch it all?


Maybe claim that you slept with the President?


Ride a horse wearing nothing?


Maybe even rehearse for 3 months with Robin Thicke and then do a sexy dance with the iconic Foam Finger? 


Ride a wrecking ball wearing nothing?

See where I am going……

Anything you think might be real is staged. There is a reason why PR representatives in America get paid a FORTUNE…because they are brilliant at their job! 

So how do you know if it is a PR stunt or not? 

Well knowing the actual star would help, but if you cannot do that then there are a few little clues. Remember that if the PR is any good than it will all look ‘accidental’. Normally if it is heavily produced through Social Media it is a fake, if that person disappears all together from a Social network than normally it means there is something going on that emotionally is too hard for them to handle and they will escape from the limelight. 

Instead of rushing to believe the shocking news….take a step next time and think….am I inclined in anyway to go and tell me friend that this star has just done this??? If you are you can bet anything that there is a very clever PR company at the head of it all. 

(Btw Miley and Liam have been broken up for just over two months now…..FACT…heard it from the woman herself!)


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