The JILTED Woman

The JILTED Woman

‘Hell Hath no fury as a Woman Scorned’

One thing that is clear, that even Shakespeare himself quoted, is that there is nothing worse than a woman scorned.

Unfortunately it seems this is true. 

Have you ever been Jilted by an ex and found yourself acting out of sorts either just to get their attention or make yourself feel better? 

I do not like admitting this but I think I have definitely shown a little bit of ‘crazy‘ before. Maybe not to the extent that other woman have-and that is why my texts are not all over the internet-but all us girls have had a point in their life where they have wanted to get their own back. Most of us take the high road but there are just a few that decide to go one step to far. 

There are types of woman in the world who I like to call ‘Crazies‘. The definition of a Crazy is when a woman or man acts really obsessed and crazy. Now I mean all the time not once every so often but every day 24 hours. 

They manifest themselves in the bodies of normal looking people, but it is only when you actually bite the bullet and go on a  date with them that they actually start to show their true colours. Some may even appear normal on the date and it is not until the morning after that you realise what you have got yourself in to. 

Sometimes I find myself feeling sorry for men as woman-I think we can all agree-sometimes can be a bit of a pain (obviously it is because of our super intelligence and amazing multi-tasking skills (lol))

Would you ever consider taking out revenge on an ex? 

Have you done it before?

You must have already seen the bunch of text messages that surfaced on the internet and then went worldwide. Literally proving that this poor girl was a little crazy when she did not get a second date the day after the first:

Check out the slideshow of texts scroll to the right!!! (below)

Should we feel sorry for JJ? 



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Now for the latest girl to get jilted:

This one has actually only just been released (below).

This time instead of the girl being outed for being crazy online she actually sent the sext-texts of the guy who had just dumped her to his boss: 

Copy the link below:

Personally I do not think I could ever do that to a guy no matter how jilted I felt but I cannot deny that I have felt like it…Have you? 

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