You Got ID?

Have you got ID?

Story that broke this morning was that of a man aged fifty being ID’d for buying alcohol in a Supermarket.

Now that does sound a little extreme.

Have you ever been in a situation and gotten asked for ID and felt instantly embarrassed or annoyed? It seems a completely  ridiculous thing to get annoyed about, but we have all been there once before. 

So why do we get annoyed instantly when they do their job? 

Most of the people that work in Supermarkets are told to ask for ID no matter what. Even if the guy in front of you has got very profound wrinkles and white hair it never harms to ID him…or does it?

I mean come on if you were working behind  the till and a guy came in who was clearly over the age, surely you would not immediately assume this guy was lying. 

The only reasons for him not being the age that he looks is:

  • If he has dressed up as an older man-which let’s be honest it is very obvious when a man is wearing a fake beard and drawn on wrinkles (remember these people trying to get away with buying alcohol are at most under the age of 21). I mean to pull off fifty years old at the age of 21 is some kind of feat and that person needs an Oscar right now. Without the help of a professional make up artist you are pretty much destined to fail. 
  • If the person has the disease Progeria, but only 1 in 8 million children develop this and it tends to be right from when they are born. So to be honest at that age they are barely able to work let alone take themselves to an off licence and buy alcohol. 

I understand that these people are just doing their jobs but it does get beyond ridiculous sometimes. 

I fully admit that I feel a little embarrassed and annoyed when I get ID’d in certain situations.

Normally if all my friends are in the same group as me and they all walk into a club with no ID needed and then it comes to me and they ask me. I am standing there thinking my mates who are all 24 have just walked in and you really think that I am the underage one. 

I am tall for a girl. I have large assets, and I look vaguely young, but I do not look 18!!

However in those situations I try and make light of it and normally chuckle whilst saying ‘I bet your surprised now’ whilst they look at the ‘qualified driver aged 24’ driving licence!

The only time that I have EVER actually nearly punched the guy behind the till was about a  year ago and I was in a  supermarket with my boyfriend.

We were both 23.

My boyfriend walks up to the till and purchases a case of beer-the guy does not even blink and lets him go with no ID check. It is very clear that we are together as we are both talking to each other and I am right behind him. I place the DVD I am purchasing on the conveyer belt. The man looks at me inquisitively and then asks me for ID. 

The film was rated 15.

Now I like looking young but that young? Young enough to make my boyfriend look like a pedophile? REALLY? 

I turned around to him and said ‘How old do you think I am?’ this was met with a shrug. I followed with ‘Actually screw that how old do you think he is?’ (pointing to my boyfriend carrying the beer). Again the guy shrugged but this time quickly said ‘It is my job’. I look at him gritting my teeth and reach into my wallet to get my ID. I show it to him. He looks totally non-plussed. I ask him again, after taking my ID back, ‘how old did you think I was, I am just curious?’. He replies ‘I thought you were 20’. 

He had basically just admitted that he had royally embarrassed me even though he knew that I was over the age of consent-but you know just for shits and giggles he wanted to see my reaction (I was not impressed).

Now I know I probably should NOT have reacted this way but it seemed totally illogical to me what this guy had done. However it does make me wonder sometimes if these people do it purely for fun. 

Obviously I have got so used to this over the years, to the point where now when I get asked, I laugh and show them. I then follow it up with ‘How old did you think I was’ and normally it is followed by ’18’ which prompts me to answer ‘You know in a few years time I will come back and instead of looking younger than my age, I will have gone the opposite direction and when I ask how old you think I am you will answer 60’. To this I normally get a weird look of non understanding before walking away and giggling to myself.

Have you ever had ID problems before? 



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