Roku 3 Review

You have no idea how long I have looked for a device that could make the perils of having to have my laptop over heating on my legs… disappear.

The most annoying thing in the world is having your laptop on your knees or in bed and hearing the constant loud fan going at full pelt- all because one air hole is covered. You try and move it around to decrease the harsh heat and sound but end up with it in a very awkward position which makes watching a film not only uncomfortable but awkward for the people around you.

I had always had my eye on the devices that turn your TV into a Smart TV and you can only imagine the excitement when I saw the HDMI port (which yes I had not noticed before) etched into my old looking TV.

Finally a great picture and a smart TV were the future of my old TV that produced the worst quality Television in the world-We are talking grainy screen and constant signal interruptions.

But which device was going to have the privilegde of me as its owner? I was split….I had been previously informed to not go for any device that has not had lots of reviews saying how good it was. I was also told to know in advance what you wanted to get from the device, that made choosing so much easier.

Taking all this in mind I began my research:



This handy little device promises the world and more. The only thing missing is the application NOWTV. This means that any connection to Sky is highly unlikely. Some people love it some people don’t it has a bit of a marmite motto. If you are going to buy a WDTV then as the reviews suggest you are better off going really expensive and getting the most for your money rather than the cheap version and being disappointed.



Possibly the device with the highest amount of loyal customers. Everywhere you look ROKU always receives high ratings. The only thing that kept coming up was the issue over performance in Roku 1 and 2. To be honest if you want to watch programmes from your device from Netflix or Youtube then you are better off spending the money on it rather than getting a crappie device only to sell it on due to its bad performance.



The cheapest of the lot, retailing at only £9.99 so why is it so cheap? Well it is the only Sky service out there and you are better off not getting it. It is pretty much advertising NowTv and its services-the downside is that alongside your initial 9.99 be prepared to pay another 6.99 per month for the Now Tv subscription-so all in all it is a bit of a con. Plus it does not have a usb port (this is extremely important to me and I will tell you why below)



This is looking to be the best smart TV appliance out there, but is not available Internationally yet. Might be biding their time til the Christmas sell out. Apparently with NowTv and Netflix available it is selling at just 30 quid. Again no usb connection but a quick and fast design that hides well. For the amount they are selling it is well worth a purchase but again I feel you gain more if you have a usb port. 

So why am I so keen to get a USB port? 

Well if you have recently bought Dvds-in the last few months-you may have noticed that quite a few of them have included notices saying that this film is now yours to download to a computer. This means that when you purchase the DVD you also purchase the downloadable version meaning you can have it on your computer tablets or iphone. SO what do you do when you want to watch your new film on your tv but have lost the DVD. Well this is where Roku and WDTV come in handy all you need to do is plug your external device into your Smart Device and voila! they are automatically ready for you to watch on your TV. 

I went ahead and got the ROKU 3 and LOVE it! The only reason that I chose it over the WDTV is because it seemed logical to go for the one that gave me more of an option when it came to movie services. 



One thought on “ROKU 3 REVIEW!

  1. I have a Roku 2 & I love it. I think the performance issues are usually caused by your WiFi signal rather than the Roku device. I had AT&T internet and it would freeze up etc. I changed over to Charter internet and I have had zero issues since.

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