I have always had very strong views of the term ‘diagnosis’.

I went into hospital four years ago and was diagnosed with flu and sent home. I then started fitting  that night and was admitted to hospital with Meningitis B Septicaemia, if I had been admitted to hospital in the morning instead of sent home I would have got better completely unscathed. Instead I was mis-diagnosed and resulted in having to go to intensive care and potentially dying. I lost how to walk and talk and had to re-teach myself.

Now of course this was not the Doctors fault but it is something that I see occuring all the time. All these different illnesses are so quick to be handed out to people without really looking into the problems they are being represented with.

Obviously Meningitis and other dangerous diseases are serious cases that if someone makes a mistake it could cause serious problems.

What about the smaller things?

To a Doctor telling someone they have a mental disease is just another number on a long list. To a patient it is something that is going to affect their whole life.

Sometimes I find myself wanting to clean my flat…does this mean I have OCD?

I get upset when I have a fight with someone…does this mean I am depressed?

There are so many different problems that we can have out there that by the time it gets to  2030 we will all have at least one diagnosis.

I firmly believe that there is no “normal” person in this world. We are all weird in some way and at the rate that science and knowledge is growing very soon we will all realise just how odd we are.

Is it a good thing? A diagnosis is a way to describe something we do not understand and therefore we have to categorise it because it does not make sense to us.

A small change in someones behaviour pointed out by a concerned individual could cost that person’s life. If we are able to help someone and make their lives better than the diagnosis is worth it. However if a Doctor does not know how to help than what is the point in telling them there  is something wrong? What good does it do anyone? Instead it makes the individual and the people around them act more self aware.

It amazes me to think that there are people out there in the world who have been diagnosed by someone to have a serious problem and are looking at the people around them and thinking that they are different and abnormal. When the truth is there are thousands of people out there who have the same problem but no one to tell them.

People are different…EMBRACE IT….

Life would be so boring if we were all the same!



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