My EBAY experience!

My EBAY Experience

So after hearing lots of different people comment on how great and easy Ebay is to use- as a seller, I thought I would give it a go and find out the truth for myself. 

At least 2-3 of my friends use Ebay all the time and actually make quite a large living from it.

From rare antiques to an online clothes shop, they end up walking away with at least 2-300 pounds each week on top of their actual job. 

So can you make a living from it? EXPERIMENT TIME!

As I ransacked through my cupboards trying to find clothes-which for someone who buys clothes and never wears them you would have thought would be easy. It turns out that going through all of your old clothes just makes you want them even more. 

That shirt that you have never worn and would never wear suddenly looks so attractive when faced with the prospect of letting it go.

I liken it to the moment when Carrie Bradshaw had to go through her closet and choose the clothes to take with her to Mr Bigs flat. 


However I MADE myself do it.

(I may have tried the clothes on again and spent a few hours staring at them and whispering sweet nothings, but eventually I took a deep breath and put it to the side ready for the world of Auction.)

I am not going to lie to you my first try was an epic fail. Not only did I some how manage to open two accounts on Ebay but I was selling the same items from each account and getting confused with which was which. I also failed to follow the guidelines I had been given.

I was told ‘price everything at 99p because it attracts more people and then more people will bid’.

At first my idea of pricing the dress I had bought for 15 pounds at 99p was absurd. So instead of listening I paid the 30p charge and put it up as a Buy It Now at 10 pounds. 

It did not sell.

In fact not one person looked at it. 

I had to admit to myself that perhaps this was not going to be as easy as I thought. 

Scrapping everything I started again. 

Using one account I uploaded the best pictures possible of all of my items. I then priced them all at 99p with free postage and packaging (I could send them for free from work). 

One hour…nothing.

Two hours…135 views…..

I was in shock before I knew it, items were being bidded on. Within two days I had made a profit of 30 pounds!!!!

These were clothes that I never planned on ever wearing and they were selling for more money then I bought them for. 

Now I do not have enough clothes to do this every week but I can see why it is so attractive. All that people need to do is go into a sale and pick out the cheapest clothes and then sell them for a profit. Before they know it they are spending a fiver on ten items and gaining about 50 quid profit. 

To be honest I do not have the patience to do it every week. The whole pallava of taking pictures, uploading and describing them, and then checking on them constantly just in case you get asked questions is a bit too much especially if you are in full time work plus I am far to lazy to bring myself to do it. However for people who are at home and not working I can see it would be hugely rewarding. 

Would I reccommend it? 

YES I definitely would. When your in need of a bit of extra cash this is definitely the safest and most efficient way I can think of! 





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