Wine Habits

Wine Habits

I was sitting in a bar on Wednesday and I found myself in front of a glass of red wine and a pot of Olives.

These were not mine. 

Now normally I would not even think to touch someone else’s wine, but recently money has been tight and what with Christmas coming up it was destined to get tighter. This glass of red wine would have cost at least a fiver and it had just been left-probably by some rich woman in a hurry to catch the Theatre on time. 

I faced a dilema. 

Did I lower my standards and help myself to the free glass of wine and the rest of the Olives? 

I got up from the seat and walked to the bar-I had to get drinks for the people I was meeting anyway-but whilst I was there I asked for an empty wine glass. On the walk back I found myself arguing between my two consciences. 

I sat down and took a deep breath. 

I reached for the wine. 

For some reason pouring it into a different glass made me feel a little better about it, but then the nightmares began. What if the actual owner had not left it and I had taken their seat whilst they had gone to the loo and drunk their drink? 

As I sipped the glass-and by god did it taste good-I could not stop all these thoughts coming into my head, this inevitably made me drink quicker. I finished the glass in just under 15 minutes and like the typical thief I was I pretended that it was not mine, by casually pushing it as far into the corner as possible. 

I had the same battle with the Olives although the justification was easier as I did not have to worry about someone else’s germs being all over them. 

I would never do this with a pint of beer but for some reason I allowed myself to think that it was alright to do it with a glass of wine, like it was going to waste if I did not take it upon myself to drink it. In fairness to me, the glass was untouched. Full. 

However little did I know that my punishment was to come straight away. One pint and one glass of wine deep and already I was tipsy. Shocking!

Trying to play a game whilst I waited for my friend was the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. Instead I had to admit defeat and embrace my drunkeness which resulted in a complete Facebook splurge. I have learnt that instead of drunk texting, I drunk facebook. Now I don’t message people that I shouldnt talk to, but I did find myself writing and not being able to stop…on EVERYONE’s walls. I think one of my mates actually succeeded in getting over ten different notifications from me. 

Yet when I was drunk on beer I never ended up on Facebook, is this the affect that Wine has on me? 

Never allowed near wine again (I say this and I am already planning on drinking tonight)! 



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