Unusual Coffee Fix

Unusual Coffee Fix

Early as usual for my babysitting shift of 12-12. I take my seat in what has to be the coolest Coffee place I have ever been in.

Minus the fighting to get an actual table and being surrounded by kids and their tired looking mothers, all trying to get their coffee fix before the “hyper contained” day ahead.

At these times I do not envy people who have kids. I am content with my Saturday meaning a day off from the full week of work (to me this means sleeping until the early hours of the afternoon and then sitting myself in front of the TV with my pint of beer and the exciting crappie TV scheduled ahead of me.

Yet this particular morning I was widely awake, in fact I was actually almost bouncing of the walls. (It might have had something to do with the copious amounts of energy drink I had consumed last night…note to self Gin and Energy Drink do not go well together and have the ability to make you look like an excitable drunk person rendering you unable to order a meal at KFC because you cannot stop talking at the speed of light)

As I open the door to The Artisan I am immediately confused with the layout.

Where do you order?

Do you sit to order?

Did I trust my laptop around these people with their kids?

(it sounds silly but I have learnt that if work give you a free laptop-the last thing you do is let it out of your sight- of course I have nearly lost it about 30 times)

So what made this café different from all of the other coffee bars I had experienced?

It had to be the Wheel Of Coffee Fortune:


You get used to cafes trying pretty much everything to stand out, but this coffee shop is the only one for about 3 miles therefore standing out was already at there advantage.

So why did the wheel work?

Well not only did it fascinate the people in the queue keeping them occupied for hours-it also ensured that you won pretty much every time-even if the worse prize was a V60 bottle of cleaning fluid-which I might add comes in use especially when apple apparently do not make computers that keep clean!!

The Cafe certainly had character.

The upside down skeletons of lampshades might have looked like a design effect gone wrong but instead it came across as quite urban and definitely unique.


The MegaReward? 


In an area that estate agents normally sell 1 bed flats for at least 1 million pounds this coffee shop was actually more than affordable- I was happy.

Instead of getting my regular order at the Starbucks close to work and spending a fiver of my well earned cash. I instead found myself sitting at a cute table in the middle of the coffee shop a large Mocha and a Salmon Bagel all for under a fiver!!!



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