Video Gone Viral

Video Gone Viral

Anyone who was watching TV the other day might have watched a programme called Educating Yorkshire. If you did manage to catch it you will know exactly what this post is about, however if you are a non UK resident: let me bring you up to date.

The UK is going through/has gone though a bit of a phase as of late: for the sake of argument we will call this: 

The Reality Shock. 

The whole obsession took off with programmes such as The Only Way Is Essex (fake tans, weird accents, tight dresses showing off everything), Made In Chelsea (Posh Twats, Lots of money, incestuous relationships), Geordie Shore (weird accents, raucous drunken behaviour)and The Valleys (Tits, Ass, Legs).

After the above you would think that we had reached our limit… but what was to follow would become more famous in one day then all of the series put together.

Educating Yorkshire is set in a school and follows the different stylings of a modern Head Teacher.

Of course we were introduced to the same rediculous characters that were clearly playing up to the cameras in order to become famous: 


Like most of the series it had quite a large audience in the first episode and then managed to become a total flop in ratings.

I personally would have happily sat on the sofa watching a blank screen and drinking a full bottle of wine instead of being subjected to Educating Yorkshire. I pride myself on being able to endure rubbish TV, but this made me want to claw my own eyes out-dull, boring, awful, crap!

So why am I talking about it now?

Note to viewers: I am the easiest person to make cry. I only need to look at a Tramp on the side of the road and already my eyes start to fill up.

As I sat on my lunch break nibbling at my favourite Wensleydale and Carrot sauce sandwich (M&S-expensive but devine)!!!

I came across a video my friend had posted with a tear-filled smiley face: I was intrigued, I clicked on the link and watched.

5 minutes later and I was blubbing like a baby.

The video I had watched could only be summed up in one word “INCREDIBLE“.

I had to ignore the fact that it was taken from Educating Yorkshire.

However this was clearly an amazing story of a real person and someone who overcame a huge obstacle, with the help of an incredible teacher.

May I introduce Musharaf Asghar in his incredibly inspiring story:

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 16.13.28


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