I am sitting at the desk whilst having the craziest day in the world. We have already had THE Coca Cola truck in from THAT advert and now we were expecting Coco-Face to arrive (the title screams facial products but this was something entirely different).

Work have been doing this whole Well Being Week to encourage health and happiness-a good idea if it did not happen every 3 months-there is only so many times I can have a hand massage and be told to get healthy-I now have a hand that feels so bloody relaxed that I can barely type let alone hold anything.

Plus I am not the kind of person who likes being preached at-once is fine-twice is annoying-5 times GO AWAY!

However this time they were trying to make it fun (imagine business like people who work in sales-their sense of fun is to get absolutely trollied after a day of work and turn up the next day hanging) so their idea of fun during the day (with a no alcohol ban) was manicures (Love it!) and Machete Wielding Coconut Drinks…you think I’m kidding? IM NOT!

When Coca-Water came in they bought a crate of flavoured coconut water with them-they looked like juice boxes and were the worst thing I have ever tasted-but they were tidy and simple and done within the hour.

Therefore when they announced that a new type of Coconut juice would be turning up I foolishly assumed that they would be juice boxes of the same disgusting stuff.

The white large boxes were bought in one by one and they looked simple enough.

Then a large tree stump was bought in…?!

Next the MACHETE!

Let me paint the picture:

I am standing, trying my best to look like a business woman (I don’t pull it off).

The clients are semi-important but could be willing to spend a bit of money on advertising which meant pulling out all the costs (by that I mean a few pastries and some cold coffee.

As I show them to the refreshments laid out in their honour all I can hear is Chop, Chop, Hack, Chop I take a look and I am inches away from a large Machete Style/Meat Cleaver hacking the tops off of Coconuts. 

Rather a manly style for what was to be a very camp drink….Green Striped Straws amid white stylish coconuts….Oh Darling!

It was definitely unique but slightly off putting. I think it would have made a difference if the actual Machete wielding men had had their tops off and were oiled up, now I would have given anything to see that. I am not a fan of coconuts but I would have willingly held one if I got a free Chippendale show from it….what>?? I am a typical girl who likes a man to hold a heavy tool and cut hard things.

Taste Test: OMG AWFUL, I have started to realise it is definitely a Love It or Hate It thing. Some people were almost orgasmic over the coconut drink, whereas the moment it touched my lips I wanted to puke. 



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