When my best friend suggested that we were going to do something different this Sunday, a lot of thoughts went through my mind, but the last thing that I thought we would end up doing was spending an hour in a very hot car trying to find Brent Cross Shopping Centre.

Rooftop Car Park suggests “high up” but this was ground level and no matter how hard I tried to understand and look for the Car park underneath, it was definitely obvious to all those around me and eventually myself, that this was not a “Rooftop Car Park” -rather a space in the middle of a roundabout where some lines had been drawn to attract drivers to park and pay a fortune-thank god we were not paying for parking!

An important thing I have learnt about myself and I assume most women are the same:

“If I am in a good mood or drunk I am great fun. If I am not it is best to distance yourself as far away as possible..especially if you are male.”

My friends were lucky.

Sunday I was in the best mood possible, running around a car park in the possibly the coldest weather I have ever felt (apart from the time I went to New York for four days and ended up with the worst blisters on my cheeks purely due to the harsh wind!) After five minutes I was already sporting a Rudolph inspired Red Nose and my already larger than life ears had a red glow to them-put it this way you did not need a torch-my ears were a beacon for incoming transport!

Feeling refreshingly cold, I investigated the car park with the large blown up cinema screen and trucks selling the most unhealthy food in the world- but that taste so god dam good!

Now Drive Ins are so famous in America, but in England there are the occasional events that happen, but nothing regular-to get the full experience you have to get in the queue quick for tickets and pay a fortune.

Yet this one was from another world.

It cost 20 pounds per car (cheaper than a single cinema ticket!).

  • You did not have to worry about the people in the back row twisting and rattling their sweet packets in every single possible way they can think of- making your ears scream in pain.
  • You did not have to worry about the popcorn from the person behind you (who thought it convenient to have a food fight before the film started) going in your hair or all over your clothes.
  • You didnt even have to worry about whether the cinema was to warm/cold or the sound was to loud/quiet- you were at your leisure in your own car.

You were free to have ketchup all over your face.

You could eat as loud as you like.

You could fall asleep without people looking at you (providing you woke up at the end and left the car park in time so you did not get trapped in). 


Plus it was so easy: after tuning in your radio to a particular channel in order to receive the audio all you did was sit back and relax.

Can it get better?

Yes it can.

If you were hungry or thirsty all you did was put on your hazard lights and people would race to your car on roller blades. They handed over the menu and off you went: Nachos? Chilli Dogs? Steak Burgers? Burritos? Popcorn?

You name it they had it! 

The only thing I wish I had was my onesie, a duvet and my pillow-Next time I will be better equipped!

It made a difference that the film was something everyone had seen before/knew all the words to and loved.

We were screaming at the top of our voices when John Travolta first looked at the camera, singing outloud to Beauty School Drop Out and dancing outside of the car to the song We Go Together. (No one was there to complain about you humming along to the song or singing out loud-Freedom!)

It could only be likened to the scene in Fame: where everyone starts dancing and singing on and around the cars.

I can only imagine what it would be like in the Summer….

Do you fancy an old fashioned blast from the past but a FANTASTIC experience? You will not be disappointed. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 09.53.00


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