Weekend Withdrawal.

Weekend Withdrawal

Have you ever woken up on the Monday Morning and wished that it was still the weekend? I think we all have but right now I have never wanted to be cuddled up in bed so much. I woke up this morning and literally had to drag my legs over the side of the bed and push myself up and out of the warm comfort. 

Is it because I did not sleep well?


As I made my way to work I actually for the first time managed to fall asleep standing up on a packed train. Comfort was certainly not on my mind as I wedged myself between one woman and another man.

Although I woke up to discover that I had been casually leaning on the woman’s bag as if it was a pillow. Her utterly apalled expression was enough to put me off sleeping in a moving vehicle ever again. 

Note to woman on train: It could have been worse- I could have been standing on your foot whilst I was snoozing!

So what does a tired and enthusiastically ‘not wanting to go to work’ attitude leave you with? Falling asleep in the loo at work just so you can get at least 15 minutes more time with your eyes closed. I wish I was joking. 

I walked into the bathroom and it was so warm and quiet that I could not help but slump against the wall and fall fast asleep. 

I would like to tell you that it was by accident, but the pure fact that I remembered to set an alarm to wake me up in time to get to my desk, tells another story. 

Yes to anyone walking in to the cubicle at that point in time it would have looked like I had collapsed drastically- but instead it was poor little me so tired to care whether I was asleep next to a toilet or not. 

Fortunately no one caught me until my strategically placed alarm went off at the desk whilst I was getting my morning coffee. A normal repeating few notes would have been sufficient- but no my phone went full on into belting out Jennifer Hudson ‘I’m not leaving’ from Dream Girls. 

I may not have been caught asleep, but now my boss was under the impression that I loved musicals especially the ones with a strong female lead. Not necessarily a bad thing!

Normally my coffee would be the thing to wake me up, but here I am sitting at the desk and staring in to space, possibly still asleep or wishing I was.

Craving my Duvet.



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