November Blues.

November Blues

I have never been a fan of Christmas, only because I think it is  quite a long lead up to one day-that is over before you know it.

It could be something to do with the fact that I have a Birthday close to Christmas, which means joint Christmas-Birthday presents-I mean you would not dare hand someone a Christmas/Birthday present in September so why does it make it ok in January?

But the one thing that really drives me insane about this time of year is the: November Blues.

Most people just drift through November and wish it away.

It is not yet close enough to Christmas that you can get away with the festive spirit (singing carols, drinking mulled wine). You still have to deal with the large drop in temperature and the constant christmas goings on around you, but you cannot get involved for fear that someone is going to point you out and accuse you of being, god forbid, a fan of Christmas.

Have you ever noticed the look of disapproval given throughout November.

You cannot do anything right:

  • Walking down Oxford Street and you admire the windows of the large shops, one dress catches your eye. You stop in front of the window and take a picture of the dress. BANG disapproving look alert-you have been caught admiring the Christmas window displays. You try and protest, claiming that it was not the sprayed on snow or the mince pie in the hand of model wearing the dress that you admire, but they ignore your desperate pleas.

A note for November try not to take a photo outdoors!

  • You decide that the sitting room needs to have a warmer feeling, especially in this cold temperature. Whilst rummaging through your drawers you find some tacky old battery opperated fairy lights. In attempt to be creative you put them around the large mirror. Just as you insert the batteries and the lights show your housemate walks in. Immediately you drop what you are doing turning around startled and embarrased as if you have been caught with your pants down, but it is worse. You have been caught in the act of Christmas decorating. You try and explain but she is having none of it-she accuses you of being a ‘fan of Christmas‘. You die a little inside and walk with your tale between your legs to your bedroom.

A note for November do not try and warm up the house with Fairy Lights!

  • It is cold, and you do not want rediculous heating bills this month so you decide to invest in a blanket. Heading to Primark on your lunch break you have strict rules for yourself-the money will be spent on only a blanket. As you make your way through the shop you find just what you need, but they are only available in red or black. Well I am not a fan of having black in the bedroom as it might come across quite dark. As I pick up the red blanket and make my way to a til the looks start. I realise I am carrying a red blanket (that is not bad) so why are the looks getting worse? Suddenly I hear a faint mechanic high pitched tune. Like one you hear in a scary movie that features a demonic child and a scary singing toy. As the mechanic sound repeats Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells I turn around slowly and realise I am standing in the middle of the Christmas Department. Everywhere I look is Father Christmas, small, medium, large all staring with their beady eyes. I was the Christmas fanatic looking at decorations in November! The stares were so apaprent I quickly ran to the til shoved the money on the side, whispered ‘keep the change’ before running out the front door.

Note to self it is not ok to buy anything red, silver, white or gold in November. (It makes it even harder that they are now doing Christmas decorations in the all the colours of the rainbow)……


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