I am not a Tom-Boy, in fact I am definiely the personification of a Girly Girl, except one rather important major lack of information:


Yes I am a girl and I admit that the statement above is exactly the answer that a guy would give asked about the topic. 

I have always been embarrased by my lack of information on the subject. I could not even begin to tell you whether a concealer is good or not. Or if you are using a primer correctly. To me these things mean nothing. 

I guess I have always been lucky, with my skin I have never got spots (accept for the occasional small pimple), I don’t have really dry skin (therefore no need for moisturiser) and my skin is not really oily. This could be the perfect skin but when it comes to getting dressed up for a night out I am clueless on how to apply anything to my face (I don’t even know if I am wearing the right products).

I hear you ask:

Why don’t I go into a make up store and get them to look at my skin and suggest things?‘ 

Well I have, but the problem is each stall/shop is going to reccomend their own products, which I learnt the hard way:

It is my lunch time at work. 

When I first started my job I was told that I would be required to wear a full face of make up at all time. I panicked. This was 1 year and a half ago and I still know no better. I have been through bare minerals, MAC, Benefit, Bourjois-you name it I have tried it, but because I do not know what I am supposed to look like in good make up then I have not got a clue what is working and what isn’t.

I make my way to MAC in Soho. I ask politely if one of the girls could show me how to do my foundation properly and whether I should be using liquid or power….

(Cut a long story short, I owned Studio Fix powder and it kept drying out on me. The excellent customer service kept sending the same product for free to me, but the same thing kept happening-no-one knew why it was causing so much trouble so eventually they sent me a cheque and told me to go to the store and get another foundation).

I sit in the chair, embarrased already at my lack of knowledge. She tells me all these products, which I get her to write down, I had got to two products and was already at 50 pounds-BLOODY HELL!!! 

She then showed me possibly the smallest bottle of concealer costing 15.50!!!!

Ok yes I have owned this concealer before and it definitely worked, but was it worth that much money?

I turn to the side and whisper ‘is there anything cheaper that you might suggest’ to which she replies ‘all our concealers and cover ups are the same price at MAC’.

She clearly did not understand what I meant.

I tried again ‘Is there any OTHER concealers NOT MAC that you would recommend . She looked shocked and paused for a second, before deciding to ignore me. 

All I wanted was information!!

I then decided the internet would be more useful. So I started trawling through all the reviews I could find on products I had heard of in passing.

The only problem is that EVERYONE has an opinion. So one product that had about 50 5+ reviews had 30 1+ stars as well.

Who did I listen to?

Even the “professional make up artists” online could not make up their mind. 

Type into google: The Best Concealer and it comes up with at least ten that they suggest. All are over the 15 pound mark. 

Why don’t I ask friends?

Or look at peoples make up and if you like how they look ask what make up they use?

Again I have done both. The first time that I asked I ended up going out looking like the an orange. The second time the person had bought 150 pounds worth of make up-and she could not think of any cheaper alternatives. AHHHHHH!

Next stop the youtube tutorials, but you have to have the stuff already in order to copy them and even then they all have opinions.

One youtube account with lots of views will be completely different to another account. The last thing I want is to end up with a bunch of make up that I might not even use, oh and I do not want to look like my favourite celebrity!

Why is there not a baby step process for make up? 

Perhaps one of those survey crossword things you find in a magazine:

Do you use make up? Do you get dry skin? Then you should buy all of these products for under 50 pounds!! (Highly unlikely scenario-unfortunately!) 

Or at least a book called “Make Up for Dummies”. 



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