Christmas Decorations: Too Much/To Little

Christmas Decorations: Too much/To Little

Trial and Error is a beautiful thing, when one year you decide to decorate the tree with unusual non-christmassy colours (due to it being the week before Christmas and the only decorations that were left in the pound shop were neon purple and pink!). However due to your arrogant confidence in regards to your ability to be creative you take on the challenge. 

You fail miserably and end up with a tree that looks like you are constantly in a cheap club. 

Of course I learnt from last year and decided to get in there early (the pound shop I mean) and have what I like to think is a proper cosy Christmas this year-anything red/gold green etc. I think I succeed not only did I create my own things for the tree-just to give it a bit of a personal look (really easy just wrapped up some sweets in cellophane and tied a candy cane with the ribbon around it and put “Eat Me, Merry Christmas” as the gift tag/with the left over candy canes I tied a ribbon and a variety of fun quotes amounted on green card for example “I solemnly swear I am up to no good”). 

However where do you draw the line between too many decorations and not enough?

Are there some colours that will just never work?

I do think some colours are easier than others to work with, as red and gold just automatically give off Christmas Vibes. 

One of my most important jobs at work , other than answer the phone, is decorating the tree. For some odd reason I gained a reputation of being a bit arty and having a good eye for design. So when it comes to any kind of colour coordinating or matching they come to me-I am not complaining it definitely wishes away the hours. 

Having decided that I was going to have a cosy Christmas you can imagine the surprise to find that work had decided on a white Christmas theme. Now of course a white Christmas implies white decorations, snow and maybe a bit of silver mixed in with specs of gold. 

Not where I work-they did not want to limit themselves to one colour, there idea of a White Christmas was green, white, blue, red, silver, white, red, light green and more white. It looked a total shambles. Plus everything this year was branded. We looked like the Christmas version of corporate world domination. 

I feel like I am sitting in the middle of a paper made forest with a random white tree and light blue baubles in the middle. 

Oh and to top it off we have neon blue lights, the ones you find decorating houses outside., but these are inside aligning the window sills-note to people out there when the lights say “Outside lights” the clue is in the title!

Maybe I was bias about my own tree but I definitely feel that my Christmas was succeeding over the work one by a mile…what do you think?

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