Tuesday marked the Work Christmas party of 2013 and having experienced last years as a part of the same company I was definitely not expecting much. 

As the hours started to get shorter til the fateful event the buzz around the building started to increase with the first drinks being drunk at a liquid lunch and continuuing throughout hte day and well into the night. Obviousyl I am not talking about myself-can you image a drunk girl greeting guests? While i am convinced it would be hilarious i also did not want to subject anyone my occasional drunken outrageous behaviour! 

However the best thing abpout the day/day after the Chriostmas party is that the people you might have thought you knew well turn out to be, mosyt of the time, the complete opposite! 

The quiet ones come out of their shells with over flirtascious bordering on slimey behaviour. 

The loud ones are slumped in a corner with their heads hanging low in a drunken stupour. 

and the sensible ones turn out to be proper ravers (almost certianly drug induced) but crazy eye popping, humping and grinding on the dance floor. 

What makes the event even more fun is when you have quite a corporate company, situated in entertainment, who are all very middle-high class, posh accents etc and yet the moment the music got pumping and the bass started banging you saw the biggest change in character. These middle-high class business people turned into full on twerking urbanites. 

Let me describe the party to you: 

In the back streets of the centre of London there is a club called Cirque Le Soir (Circus of the Night). As you might imagine based on the name it encourages all the kinds of debauchery only the late/early hours of the evening would encourage. 


These are all the words that describe the atmosphere. The moment you get into the club you are surrounded by scenes of outrageous and slightly weird behaviour. For example: In one corner there was a sexy mad hatter who was pouring tea into mugs with the companies logo plastered all over them. Next door were scantily clad french madams having a sexual lesbian liasison with each other in the midst of cake and tea (very marie-antoinette “Let them eat cake” esque). 

Of course this is not including the “light entertainment” of strippers dressed like Duracell bunnies and a beer pong table positioned right in front of a fortune teller without a body and just a head. 

I know what you are thinking…”How the hell is that a Christmas Party?” It’s not, but to a comapny who has a lot of momey to spend that strives to be different as well as mantain a reputation of being “cool and down with the kids”. 

Whilst i must admit that the entertainment was deifnitely unusual and yet not as odd as you might think, it stuck to one theme which meant that you got used to it as the night went on. 

My only problem that I still find in regards to these types of ‘Christmas Parties’ is that they are not very christmassy.

I kind of dream of walking into a large hall decorated to the nines with a large christmas tree at least three times the size of me and a mound of immaculately wrapped presents under neath. With large chandeliers gracing the ceilings and five tables with towering mountains of Ferrero Roches with mountains of martini glasses over pouring with champagne. 

Too elegant? Perhaps but when did Christmas lose its elegance especially within the corporate/entertainment world? 

I mean do not get me wrong undressing duracell bunnies and marie antoinette lesbians mixed with beer pong seems like a mans dream and was very fun but where is the magic? 


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