IM BACK!!!!!

IM BACK!!!! 

After taking a well earned break-if I do say so myself-I am back with a bang to the blogging world!!  

Sooooo Christmas, what a waste of bloody time and money. I love the idea of spending a day eating really good food with family, but the fact that we spend an entire month of a calender waiting for one day that lasts about 10 hours (if your lucky and don’t fall asleep in a food or alcohol coma) seems entirely rediculous. 

I am all for giving the public a holiday to celebrate-something to look forward to-and like I said I dont compalin to the copious amounts of food and alcohol, but it does make you think about the other people out there who are alone and have to go through this month of everyone’s happiness, apart from their own, it must be incredibly depressing. 

Is it because I hate Cristmas? NO I really like Chrsitmas and eveyr year I strive to get back to that child hood excitement that I used enjoy at the age of about 2-17. However the older I get the harder it becomes to enjoy the Christams holidays. Most people with full time jobs have to work up until the 20th or even the 24th like me. So Christmas day just feels like a weekend, or your first day off in a long time. 

Pkus it is not like you can get out of bed and go shopping in order to treat yourself vecause throughout the December-January season the shops and streets are crammed with people. So you are pretty much stuck in side, putting on the pounds by eating rubbish and watching your stomach grow and your hips get wider due to the amount of sitting on the sofa watching rediculous amounts of films. 

The only thing about Christmas that I still enjoy is the good television-if you have a recorder box it pretty much leaves you set for the entire year with all the great films available. 

So what about those presents?

Well I made it very clear a long time ago that I do not accept bath stuff anymore-this comes from one Christmas Day a long time ago when I opened my stocking and found at least 10 different bath/shower sets, one is fine, two is acceptable the moment it goes over the five mark you begin to question if the giver thinks you shower or not and whether they are trying to, very subtly, tell you something. Ever since then I have not received one soap or bath wash-thank god-instead I get clothes that I will never wear. Much better presents as by the time you have taken them all back you will have a bit of cash in hand to pay off that rediculously expensive heating bill that has accumulated due to stupid global warming to four time the norm. 

I will not lie I am so desperate to enjoy Christmas like I used to-to get up at 5 am and rip open my stocking amazed by every single gift I get. Running upstairs to show my mum and dad what Santa had given me, not knowing that in fact it was them who had spent the entire night wrapping for me, my brother and my sister just so we could still believe. 

Will I ever get there? I don’t know, this year was the hardest I have ever tried. Yes I admit there are personal reasons for why I do not enjoy the festive period but I do believe that one day I will get there, everyone says that when I have children I will start getting excited again…well I guess I will have to wait and see….



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