New Year Let Down?

New Year Let Down?

Now everyone knows that New Year never turns out exactly how you want it to.

Those of us who dream of spending the evening drinking champagne and watching fire works whilst being kept warm in the arms of a loved one who we might even get a kiss from at midnight, are sorely re-awakened to the fact that it never happens  quite like that. 

So why is New Years Eve always such a let down?

Do we build up so much in are heads that it is never going to realistically live up to our expectations?

First off is the panic of what to wear-due to having a few days off at Christmas and eating five times your weight in food, you feel at your worst body wise. That first look in the mirror a few days after boxing day is the most depressing time of the year when you realsie that you have put on at least a few pounds and that your “once slightly toned and slim” stomach has been replaced with a little round belly that looks as if you are in the first stages of prognancy.

A food pregnancy. 

Justifying the period to yourself you decide that it is fine you will work on the diet after New Years in the mean time you buy a dress that is not tight and prepare for a night of fun and drunkness. 

When the night arrives and you find yourself at that party that will be remembered forever as the one that showed in 2014 you realise just how drunk you are already-thank you to the pre-drink bottle of wine. You are the life and soul of the party in your head to everyone else you are the girl that turned up drunk to a New Years Eve party. 

To try and cover up the awkward silences you decide to mess around with the music of Spotify, however due to the variety of tastes in the room you end up lucky if your song gets a 15 second play before being switched. 

By the time it gets to the countdown your mouth is hurting from talking so much, your head is hurting from the copious amounts of alcohol you have consumed, and the one thing you want more than anything is to cuddle up in bed with the boyfriend and sleep forever, not open another bottle of Champagne. You do not have a choice so you pop the cork and start drinking. 

It is the early hours of the morning and finally you are on your way home. However you are in a state of emotional drunk. Your boyfriend is in the state of “I don’t care” drunk. So you spend the entire way back home arguing but not properly arguing because you are both kind of aware of what you are saying. 

You get home and fall into bed cuddled up and warm-the best bit of 2014 by far. 

You wake up at 4pm the next day knowing you have to go back to work tomorrow….Welcome to 2014! 




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