A very good friend of mine called George has been nominated for the BAFTA Award for Rising Star, but unlike the other categories where the members of BAFTA are the ones that vote for their favourite, he is in a public vote which means that all of you COUNT!!

So this is your chance to vote for him….–8Y

So WHO is GEORGE MACKAY and WHERE would I recognise him from? 

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 17.01.47

21 years old, London born

He got spotted at school by a talent scout for the film Peter Pan and this kick started a huge film career. He went on to take part in The Thief Lord.

However he really grew as a great actor when he starred in The Boys Are Back alongside Clive Owen in 2009.

He first hit big in 2013 when three films that he had starred in got released at the same time. The musical based on The Proclaimers and publicised as the “new Mamma Mia” he played Davy in Sunshine on Leith.

At the same time he was starring in a film alongside Actress Saoirse Ronan playing her love interest in How I Live Now.

Lastly he blasted through his range of acting talents to produced the incredible For Those In Peril which gaind him the Scottish BAFTA for Best Actor.

Incredibly good looking and hugely talented he is the new British Acting talent to hit our screens and at the tender age of 21 you can trust me when I say you have not seen the last of him. 



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