Friends Are Like Stars.

Friends Are Like Stars

After my analysis of friendships and how they change as we grow up and how numbers tend to go from large groups to being able to count on one hand.

I thought I would take this opportunity to mention a few people who are my world. Family will always be there because they are blood relations and I am very lucky to have the most amazing brother, sister, mum and dad. However when I turned 17 my life changed for the better when 3 people entered my life and since then they have been my life and soul. They have saved me when times have got tough and have been there for me through so many storms!

If I need them they drop everything to be by my side. 

For the sake of them I am going to keep their names anonymous and instead I will call them Kat, Rhi and Jay.

Kat is the kindest person in the world, she does not think about herself ever. Her friends are her forever. She works incredibly hard in a job that requires a lot of patience. Faced with difficult situations on a daily basis she still manages to put the people around her first. Beautiful inside and out, she has the guys flocking to her, but she has not got a clue. 

She is going through a difficult time at the moment, aware that she will be ok she still puts the world ahead of her. She is my best friend and I have honestly never had a true friend that cares so much before. When I was in tears all it took was one phone call and 15 minutes and she was by my side giving me the cuddle I needed. 

Rhi is fun, outgoing and stunning. Definitely the strongest out of all of us, although she would disagree. Intelligent and extremely kind. Her style is flawless, immaculate in the way she dresses and looks turning heads where ever she goes. She is the life and soul of any party, but also the first to suggest cuddling up with ice cream and chocolate nad having a girly night when we need it. She never fails to give you the best advice. Understanding and truthful she will always make sure that you see right in front of you. 

Her love for her friends knows no bounds. When I was having a really hard time she came out in the pouring rain to collect me and took me home and stayed with me til I felt better. 

You know when you see those movies with the best friends dancing on top of the bed singing into a hairbrush-that is Rhi! We can sing and dance and look like fools for hours but it doesnt matter because the fun we have rivals anything anywhere.

Jay is one of a kind. She is stunning and the most caring person in the world. She loves her friends like they were family and never lets them go. Perfect in everyway from the way she looks day after day to the way she handles boyfriends. Always the first on the phone to check that you are ok and the first to text during a lunch break, she never lets a moment go by without letting you know that she loves you and is always there for you. The first and last person on the dance floor and the one to hold you up and make sure you are ok on the way home from a night out. She is the voice of reason and the one who always gives the best light on a situation. 

She works hard and she achieves but will never let you feel that she is in anyway ahead of you in work matters. She is the most wonderful person I have ever met and without her I would be lost. 

I am lucky that I have been friends with these three for a long time now and we are so close that I cannot see us ever parting ways.

However do not be under the illusion that we have not had difficulties and tests to our friendships such as arguments or talking behind backs-but these are what makes a friendship more truthful and certainly stronger.

Your true friends are your world, they are not your boyfriend, they are not your family, they are the people who stand by you through thick and thin, who love you no matter what you do in life. 



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