Cheesy Pasta Bake..

Cheesy Pasta Bake

Sometimes you need what I like to call a ‘Fat Day’. This is more than ok if you have been mantaining a vaguely healthy diet for the entire week, so to indulge one evening at the end of the week…why not? 

This is where I like to crack out my Cheesy Pasta Bake…again so easy to make and does not take hardly any time at all..and will last (depending on how much you make) for a good 3 days (lunch/dinner snacks?). 

It does take a little longer than my other recipes (30 mins max!) but so well worth it! 

So what do you need: (a fiver at the max)

  • Dry pasta
  • A block of cheese 
  • Any sauce you would like (Carbonara/tomato-my favourite is tomato and mascerpone)

How to cook:

Boil the pasta not thoroughly but just enough so that the outside is a little cooked but still hard enough to go in the oven for a while. 

Add the sauce in the saucepan-grate half the cheese and mix around.

Put cheesy pasta sauce mix into a large dish and set the oven to medium temperature.

Set the timer for half an hour-after 15 mins take it out and cover it with the rest of the cheese (now this is where you can change it up again-if you like puffy cheesey taste mix three eggs and cheese in a bowl-then spread over the dish of pasta) You can either use the puffy cheese (very cheesy) or you can use just cheese (cheesy)-either way it will taste really good! 

Put in the oven for approx 10-15 mins and make sure you check on it-you do not want the cheese to burn-when the cheese starts to look golden on the top it is probably time to take it out!

There you have it your fatty snack for that day when you can’t be bothered to diet or think healthy! Pour the amount you want into a bowl and curl up in front of a good film!



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