The Rules for Dating a Celeb!?

The Rules for Dating a Celeb?!

Firstly this is based on a number of experiences.

Now ‘celebrity’ can mean anything from reality TV star to the mega film/music stars.

To date a mega star is a very interesting experience.

Unfortunately nowadays you cannot escape the media-so before you know it you might have been going out with the star for two weeks and already he has, according to the tabloids, cheated on you 20 times with different girls! Either this or you will end up with someone (normally musicians) who will use your entire dating experience- starting right from the first date to the day break up, and write an album based around the experience. 

So why do you date them in the first place?

Well believe it or not when you are working closely with them or are part of the same bunch of friends it is actually vaguely normal. You get to know one another and start to fancy each other like anyone else. Often you have to ignore how the people around them act: gawping, throwing themselves at them, asking for autographs etc. At the beginning, the relationship is really quite normal, when is he going to text/call? etc. It is only when you go out that it starts to get a little difficult. I will give you a few examples: 

Your first date: You are terribly excited. You have spent hours trying to make yourself look as good as you can. Do you wear the really short dress that shows off the legs? Or does that imply that you are easy? Maybe you should stick to casual jeans. You finally decide and the doorbell rings. Its him. As you leave the door you start to get butterflies in the stomach. As you walk to the restaurant, the conversation is flowing. The date could not be going any better. You walk in the door of the restaurant and a gaggle of waiters greet you. They all offer to show you to the table. You get to the table and a few people come to the table and ask your date for a photo. Meanwhile you sit there, this carries on for just over an hour. You sit. You wait. He turns and apologises and explains that he hates the attention and he wishes it was just you and him (baring in mind he had asked to sit in the middle of the room knowing full well that he was in front of the world and its wife!) You let it go and look at the menu. Every 5 mins you are alone someone else comes up to you. Not only this but his phone buzzes constantly. He does not answer and looks embarrassed. He walks you home and you have the awkward ‘are we going to kiss?’ moment. He is going in for it and suddenly you get some chavs shouting out his name as well as laughing and making jokes. He steps back, apologises and says goodnight. 

The next day you think it would be nice to message him. You text him in the morning. No reply by the evening. You think that is a bit weird so you call and a woman answers. She asks who is calling and asks how you got the number. You say well I kind of went on a date with him last night. The woman makes it clear she has never heard of you and puts down the phone. A few minutes later you receive a text saying ‘How are you?’. At this point you do not know whether you are talking to the woman or your man? This becomes normal as well as the constant changing of phone numbers because they keep being leaked. You are definitely kept on your toes!

Now for later down the line (6 months). You are out of the honeymoon stage. Sitting in a pub trying to have a drink. A group of girls ask if they can join. He says no. They still come and sit on the same table. Now fans are fine. It is the drunken fans ones you have to keep an eye out for. You are in the midst of a conversation and the girl sitting closest to you is starting to get a little confident. She goes and sits on your dates knee and asks her friend to take a photo. She then kisses his cheek and whispers in his ear. She refuses to move. He eventually manages to remove the girl and before you know it there are a crowd of them all swarming around him offering to buy him drinks and asking him to join their table. He looks at you. You politely ask if you can leave. 

He is promoting a new film. Your first appearance as a couple is on the red carpet at the premiere. You turn up and his co-star decides to give you a hug to say hello. A million cameras go off. You walk off and join your man. He does not introduce you and is to busy with interviews, you are moved into the cinema by the publicist and have to watch from afar. The next day you go to the newsagents on your way to work to grab a caffeine fix, something catches your eye, on the front cover of all the gossip magazines is a picture of you and your guy’s co-star hugging with the title: New Couple Alert! CRAP!

Advice for dating a celebrity:

DON’T ever let on that you know who he is! (Trust me the cockiness that comes with it is too much-best to pretend that you have been in space for the last 10 years!)

DON’T get jealous! 

NEVER tell him that he was not good in something (this is the same for interviews-no matter how many times he asks you-he is ALWAYS brilliant)

ALWAYS make friends with the PA (the only way of getting hold of him when you want him)

ALWAYS make friends with the security guards (they are out with him at night-best way of knowing if anything untoward happened) 

DON’T tell anyone you are dating! (If you can possibly avoid introducing him for as long as possible as you do not want them assuming you are as cocky as him)

ALWAYS keep an eye out for the weird stalkers that might threaten to attack you at any moment. 

NEVER discuss the details of how big his anatomy is with anyone as it will end up in the newspaper!

and last but not least: 

ALWAYS keep an eye on the co-star!!!!!!! (Kirsten and Rupert Sanders, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt)



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