The Work Break Up

The Work Break Up

Now of course break-ups are horrible in every way! However there are certain things that us girls do that I will never understand.

I walk into work this morning at 9.30 and I give the standard ‘morning’ hug for the two Security Guards. Suddenly I turn around and see a small girl. She looks at me with that bitchy ‘I am going to kill you’ look- the one that us girls give either when we are jealous or annoyed with someone. She does not say a word apart from the death stare before running out of the building. One of the security guards runs after her. This security guard then comes back, clearly hurt by what has happened, and explains that it was his ex-girlfriend and that they had a major fight last night! He spends the entire morning (3 hours) running in and out of the building after her. She then storms into the building for the third time and starts yelling at him-accusing him of cheating. Now I can hear everything from where I am, and so can my boss (who is also the boss of the security guards!) Me, my boss and the rest of the security guards all fall silent as this full blown fight is going on downstairs. She is shouting at the top of her voice and then lunges towards the guy. They get escorted out of the building. The fight continues outside in the street. Remember it is 9.30 am!

Now don’t get me wrong, we all make crazy mistakes. I have turned up to a work place (after hours) and shouted at an ex (but he really was horrific to me). The difference? I was out of my mind crrrazy that day and also I would never turn up if I think other people are going to be there to witness the craziness.

So why did this girl think that it was appropriate to turn up, not in the middle of the day, but in the morning when everyone is arriving for the day? Did she want to make a drama? Was she so crazy that she did not care what the others thought of her? She must have cared a little however as she came upstairs to apologise to my manager on behalf of her boyfriend!!!!! (this was after he had already been dismissed).Why not just leave it? She actually pushed even further and managed to embarrass herself, her boyfriend (or ex) as well as my boss! You can imagine how that went down! Needless to say the poor guy (because of one embarrassing action by his girlfriend) has now been fired from his job!

I am not one to immediately take a guys side-I have had horrific experiences, but I do think there are levels! Yes there are going to be points where you want to confront/get it out of your system. Surely though it is better to wait until you have him to yourself. Do not turn up at his work place and scream at him!! Have a bit of awareness!!

I feel sorry f0r the guy (not because of his actions-as I am sure he did something to deserve that reaction) but because he has lost a lot just because of one ‘not well thought through’ action.

So what would I do?

Well firstly I am not going to turn around to you and say that I would sit back and wait. Because in all honesty I wouldn’t. If I really need to talk to someone about something I give them a set time, for example I send them a text saying ‘This is important to me and we need to talk about it. If you care about my feelings then please call me before….’ then set them a time that is far enough in the future so that they have definitely had a break. This also gives them the chance to reply, either ringing you and talking or sending you a text warning you that it is busy but that he will talk to you at the end of work. At least then you know when you are going to be able to have him to yourself. It is difficult to control immediate reactions-but you have to try really hard to think ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’. This is true. You may think you are making the right decision but in hindsight are you going to regret it???

love break


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